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Our staff, donors, sponsors, and supporters all have stories to tell about the work Kidstown is doing. Explore the categories and posts below to read our stories and learn more!

Lets Build a Classroom!

If you’ve watched any home improvement show, or worked on any building project yourself, you probably know how the process goes. You start with what you know, with the best estimates of price and timeline you can come up with.

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What is Happening in Nepal

Please take a moment to read through this message from one of our Nepali leaders. “It’s 10 months since this pandemic hit us. We have passed through a lot of unprecedented experiences. Nothing had prepared us and the world for

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Lifting Them Up

A lesson we are learning is that God is a powerful and faithful God. He has continued to lay his hand on our kids, their leaders, and our supporters. Through the continued support being sent for kids, and the transformation

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Would this Darkness Shift

Here on the streets of a crowded market. Bare feet running past a pair of lonely eyes. She sits in the midst of chaos, yet her world feels empty. She meets rejection around every corner, encouraging her rising feeling of

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A Growing List – C.R. Roberts Stories

A story by C.R. Roberts. The home leader arrives and he looks tired, for good reason. Government health inspectors were here this week and they issued a warning because the sour cream in the refrigerator was not labeled with a

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#ShareTheLove What does it mean to #ShareTheLove? #ShareTheLove to us means bringing love to those who need it the most – on a day that emphasizes love, Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day, we want to spread awareness about the importance

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Landscape of Education

The landscape of education is significantly different this year. If children are not allowed back into the classroom, the classroom is moved to an online program. But this requires children to have a phone, or some other device to participate.

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Online School Readjustments

It wasn’t long before our home leaders started lifting up requests for new technology devices so that they could keep up with the new education guidelines. As school moved online, many of our homes in Romania, India, and Nepal were

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Her Path Out of Insecurity

The mission of Kidstown stands on the reality that there are children today with no home, no family, and no hope. We will not stand by as children are left alone on the streets of villages, free to be destroyed

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The Seed That is Planted

Any part of raising or ministering to children comes through planting seeds that you hope will grow and remain in the children. One home in Romania raised a young girl for 17 years before she was old enough to live

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