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Our staff, donors, sponsors, and supporters all have stories to tell about the work Kidstown is doing. Explore the categories and posts below to read our stories and learn more!

Recent News from India

During the past few months the world has been focused on the COVID-19 crisis, and here at Kidstown we’ve been focusing on how our homes and children are dealing with the crisis. However, things continue to happen around the world

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Garlands of Golden Marigolds

A story by C.R. Roberts. This is what I learned one day in Nepal. One day, and three little stories. – AMIR – The home leader thinks Amir is 6. He isn’t sure. The boy was left by his parents

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Together We Give #GivingTuesdayNow

Our sponsors and donors are what allow us to do what we do. In this time of uncertainty, generosity can bring the whole world together. That’s the idea behind the #GivingTuesdayNow movement. Organizations from all over the world are asking

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Fireside Chat with Marv & Alison

Recently one of Kidstown’s board members, Marv Tjoelker, traveled to Nepal with a small group of people from Northwest Washington. A few weeks after they returned, Marv and his niece, Alison Moore, were reflecting on their trip while enjoying a

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April 29, 2020 Prayer Requests

During this time of uncertainty, we are blessed to be able to come together in prayer as a community. We are grateful for the prayers from our sponsors and donors for the children and homes overseas. We are also grateful

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Meet Cristina from Romania

Our stories of hope about children in Kidstown supported homes are very diverse. For some children, hope is simply being raised in a loving environment, away from the abuse and neglect of their homes. For others, it is the love,

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Eight Hours Outside Bucharest

A story by C.R. Roberts. Eight hours on a bus from Bucharest to Lupen, deep in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. We pass hay stacked in high, conical ricks. Autumn roses stand crimson in gardens and chicken-wire corn cribs sit

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