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Lets Build a Classroom!

If you’ve watched any home improvement show, or worked on any building project yourself, you probably know how the process goes. You start with what you know, with the best estimates of price and timeline you can come up with. But eventually, you run into a roadblock here, an increased price there, and pretty soon, your project looks a lot different than when you first started!

It’s no different in Nepal. When one of our homes located in a rural area of Nepal began a project to build a classroom for their children, they started with a list of needs and a cost. They were able to receive partial funding and began on their project. But they only got as far as cutting the wood and doing the flooring.

To complete the classroom, their list still includes windows, doors, bars, and a roof. This all comes to a total of $3705.

Once this classroom is finished, it will provide a space where all of their children will be able to sit together and follow their online classes. With teachers continuing to use online platforms, the children are in need of a separate place for concentration and productivity. This classroom will help everyone to stay up to date on their studies, and continue to move up in their grades.

This home in Nepal has been on a faithful journey of providing the best care for their children. Previously, they had lived in the city, but felt that their children would be healthier and happier in the country. After a long process, they successfully moved all of their children into the mountains of Nepal, and have been happily living there for some time now. Of course, this new location brought on the challenges of building a separate building for the girls and the boys, a better source of water, and most recently, goat farming! It has been a wonderful process of seeing them complete these projects, and in so doing, creating a healthy and supportive environment for their children.



They are not only providing their children with a safe place to heal from their tragic pasts, but to learn how to serve their community, practical farming skills, and the chance to succeed in their education. This is why we would like to help them complete this classroom. But we need your help!

Will you consider making a gift to help this home provide the space and opportunity for the children to further their education? Your generosity would be a major bright spot in the midst of the ongoing challenges of local and government restrictions.

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Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!