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Essential Needs


Below are ongoing projects in India, Nepal, and Romania. If you would like to donate to a project, please designate your donation in the special instructions section with the name of the “project requested”. Click the DONATE button if you’d like to help with one of these special projects.

Current and Completed Projects

At the Right Time

“When there are so many people suffering in India, the Lord has been protecting and providing for us. We are very grateful for the relief fund that came at the right time. Though the monthly support is enough to meet

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Stories Unfolding

When it comes down to it, a child needs love and support. They need a tender hug, a pat on the shoulder, someone to laugh with and to cry with. They need food in their bellies and a safe space

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Finish Strong

Sohan was seventeen years old when he started living in one of our supported homes in India. Although he was an older teenager, he was in need of a supportive environment, and the ability to finish his schooling. The reality

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To Dream Big

Deep inside the country of Nepal is a remote village where work is nearly impossible to come by, and resources are low. In this village, four-year-old Subin was in danger of not surviving past his next birthday. Both of Subin’s

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Child Sponsorship Month

Daniel was just a young boy when he was brought to one of our homes in Romania. He had been living in a one-bedroom house with multiple other siblings and his mother. His father had abandoned the family, and the

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Lets Build a Classroom!

If you’ve watched any home improvement show, or worked on any building project yourself, you probably know how the process goes. You start with what you know, with the best estimates of price and timeline you can come up with.

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Online School Readjustments

It wasn’t long before our home leaders started lifting up requests for new technology devices so that they could keep up with the new education guidelines. As school moved online, many of our homes in Romania, India, and Nepal were

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Nelson’s Story of Hope

(An excerpt from our latest newsletter) When Nelson was just a young boy, he lost his parents to alcoholism and poverty. He never had enough food or clothes, and he never went to school. A dedicated man of God in

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An Effort to Break the Cycle

Education Initiatives Running the Race and The Final Mile In countries like India and Nepal, an education is out of reach for many people living in poverty. Without an education, every generation born into poverty is trapped, with no means

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Blessed to be a Blessing

Planned Giving Being Good Stewards – Blessed to be a Blessing How will you steward your legacy? Stewardship is an acknowledgement that God owns everything. “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world and all who live

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