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Our staff, donors, sponsors, and supporters all have stories to tell about the work Kidstown is doing. Explore the categories and posts below to read our stories and learn more!

Prayer Direction

We are so thankful for all of your prayers. We have seen God protecting our homes, and providing in beautiful ways for them. Thank you for staying connected with our homes during this season. Your support and concern for our

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Meet Török from Romania

It can be difficult to face the reality of the broken families found in Romania, but for Török, this was his reality. And beyond the family circle, the streets provide only further disruption and brokenness. You never wish for a

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Monsoons in Nepal as the Country begins Reopening

One thousand people displaced. Rising number of deaths and missing persons. Monsoon season has destroyed roads, homes, and communities. Rescue operations struggle to meet the need. Local school buildings and community centers have been turned into shelters for those who

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No Comment

A story by C.R. Roberts. It’s late afternoon in the village of Plopenii Mici 20 kilometers outside the city of Botosani in Northeast Romania. I have seen the look on the face of this man many times in other places,

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Meet Nuthaki from India

It was on the streets of India that a young girl was found struggling to fend for life. She was covered with trauma and fear. Coming from an abusive household with the loss of her father, there was no hope

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A Sponsor’s Perspective

“Let’s see…to me it is a very simple way to help another human.” Being a sponsor may seem like a small or insignificant act, but as every child on the other side of it knows, it is in fact a

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Meet Monika from India

The city of Kolkata, India is a sprawling mass of dense streets, smog, vehicles, and people living out their lives. Many people who are born in Kolkata may never leave the city during their life. New York has a population

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Update from Kidstown Homes

New ways of learning, new ways of fellowship, new ways of playing, our homes are trying whatever they need to keep spirits high! ROMANIA As the country of Romania begins to reopen, the children are free to run into the

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Meet Abhijel from India

The amount of people living in India is hard to fathom – nearly 1.4 billion people call India home, and the population continues to rise steadily. That’s 1.4 billion unique stories, unique personalities, and unique lives. Many of these are

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Meet Upendar from India

The children that Kidstown sponsors come from a wide range of backgrounds. While some children are orphans who have lost both parents, others have been neglected or abandoned by their families. Upendar’s parents are both alive, but they were not

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