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Summer 2019

Dear Kidstown friends,
I am writing you to tell you about the urgent need to help children. Every month, new children come into the children’s homes Kidstown supports. Each orphaned and neglected child carries a uniquely tragic story, each one needing a sponsor and needing to know they are loved. You can be a major part in changing that story in the future for a child.
The need to raise new support for children never goes away. This summer the need is greater than ever. As we are all focused on summer vacations and kids home from school, our homes continue to bring new children under their care.
Will you help another child in need this Summer?
Here is one of those tragic stories shared by a supporter while on a trip to Romania this spring.
It’s tough to find a rainbow without being tested by the rain. By CR Roberts

A story tonight. One of the children, girl, age 3. I will call her Jane. “She’s our miracle girl,” says Gusti, one of my hosts at a countryside orphanage serving perhaps a dozen children, most under 10.
Jane was born at five months on the day moments after her father died. Gusti attributes this very premature birth to the shock at the news. Same day, a daughter suddenly born to the world’s newest widow.
Sudden death, new life.
The child “had no chance to be normal,” the doctors said. She spent her first year — the entire year — in a hospital bed. She was fed a liquid diet because she was not learning how to eat. “She would never walk, never talk,” Gusti and his wife Florica were told. “She would be like this forever.”
But forever didn't quite last.
A few months after giving birth the mother, distraught, offered Jane’s two older brothers to the home. “The mother brought her boys. She said she had a daughter also in the hospital. A daughter who could not speak who spent her days in bed not reacting to stimulus. Six pills every three hours, forever.
“A woman from the church heard about us that we are good for children.” The mother surrendered her sons, then after that year in the hospital, the girl was offered to the orphanage.
The doctor asked, “Are you sure this is what you want to do?” Prayers answered yes. More prayers followed. She didn’t quite wither, but she didn’t quite move ahead.
The mother eventually settled in “with this man who is very violent and jealous of whoever she talks to and if she gives attention to the children.” The boys were doing well and after a year in hospital, Jane was moved to a bed on the second floor of the home here in the green and quiet village of Bencec.
One afternoon several months later the housekeeper-cook at the home was working in the kitchen and she heard a noise on the stairs. Jane was walking down, by herself, walking, by herself.
The housekeeper said today, “I was scared.” A child who could not walk, walking, who might be blind, seeing, who would never be normal, looking pretty normal coming down the stairs.
That’s her in the photograph, eating ice cream this afternoon. Note the raised pinkie finger. Hope not only floats, it swims.

Here is how you can help a child like Jane today.

Give a onetime gift today, that will help the homes care for these children.

Sponsor a child. There are 100 children waiting for sponsors right now. Only $1.27 per day or $38 per month.

If you already sponsor, please consider sponsoring another child.

Help us find just one more sponsor by sharing this letter with family, friends and co-workers.

Just one more child sponsored, changes the world.

Help these children by finding one more sponsor and help one more child.


Chuck Valley
Kidstown International Director

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Children that have been abandoned, neglected, or orphaned often don’t have a good chance of finding success and happiness in life. That’s why we support homes that give a chance to children in need. Romania, Nepal, and India are all countries that we have seen brokenness surround young children and their families, but we believe that there is hope for them. That’s why we have partnered with passionate people in those countries that have opened their homes to these lost kids and given them a place to belong and to be loved.
If you are interested in learning more about our organization and what we do, head to our website or reach out with any questions!
If you would like to sponsor a child, we have a page on our website with all of our children that need a sponsor!

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