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What is Happening in Nepal

Please take a moment to read through this message from one of our Nepali leaders.


“It’s 10 months since this pandemic hit us. We have passed through a lot of unprecedented experiences. Nothing had prepared us and the world for what we faced. We praise God for His mighty power so that we could steadfastly encourage each other in prayer.

During this date, in Nepal the total cases is 264,159. Actual infected is 5,021, total recovered is 257,229 and total deaths 1,909.

Last year, children could not go to their schools and colleges physically. Only time will tell us the impact of this stay at home school for millions of students. From this month, some of the schools have opened in some regions of Nepal but still many parents are scared to send their children back to their schools. In cities like Kathmandu, students are relying on their online classes by using zoom apps and some schools have adopted to use third party apps for running their school. They must get ready with their gadgets for their class. Laptop and tablets are not affordable for most of the students. In Nepal, the school hour is from morning 9am-4:00pm where students have to be in 6-7 classes normally, 40 min per subject. It is really challenging to get online on time for students of all different grades. Most of the schools are encouraging their students to study at home. In our children Homes, most of the children are taking online classes. Some of the senior students go to college for an hour, as well as for their annual examinations.

It is so sad that the cases are not coming under control. We can see people are wearing masks and taking care of their personal hygiene, but still no significant assurance of freedom from the pandemic. Government had set lockdown for the first three months and added two more months. Where there was no control in infected numbers, the Government tried to make rules to open only the emergency services and there was strictness in the vehicles running with odd and even number plates only on different days. Now, from last few weeks, there are no odd rules anymore. It seems suddenly that people are no more aware of the dangers. More road traffic has increased, and dust too. It looks like all people are wearing masks to protect themselves from the dust rather than the virus.

Nepal’s political situation is suddenly not stable. There is a move to call for polls two years ahead of the actual date. Parliament is ready to be dissolved leading to bitter feuds among political parties.

We really appreciate your fervent prayers for all of our Homes in Nepal.



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