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Kidstown is committed to saving children from dire situations, to helping them in practical ways, and giving them hope for a future by strengthening their character and growing in their faith so that they can become leaders among their own people.


Child Sponsorship

Sponsoring a child in an orphanage is an effective way to help in their future. Sponsors provide a minimum monthly donation of $38.00 which provides for the basic needs of their sponsored child, as well as the other kids at the orphanage. Sponsors are also encouraged to correspond with, and pray for their sponsored child. Friendships and prayer can bring much needed healing and hope to emotionally bruised children. This is the catalyst for hope and a brighter future.

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Because God is central to Kidstown and to the orphanages we support, we believe in the importance and power of prayer. Informed, targeted prayer will move the hand of God and bring results in the lives of the orphans and leaders.

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