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What does it mean to #ShareTheLove?

#ShareTheLove to us means bringing love to those who need it the most – on a day that emphasizes love, Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day, we want to spread awareness about the importance of Child Sponsorship.

Why Child Sponsorship?


  1. There are 153+ million orphans in the world (31 million in India alone)
  2. 1 in 4 children, in developing countries, will turn to the street to earn money
  3. 263+ million children are not in school
  4. 53% of children in low and middle-class countries can’t read by age 10
  5. Child sponsorship is the MOST cost-effective way to end child poverty

Children should be allowed access to education, a loving home, food/water, and the chance to break the cycle that they were born into. BUT, they can’t do it alone – which is why they need people like you to help!

What can you do?

First off, we’re happy you’re even here! That means you care about sharing love and recognize the importance of taking care of the world’s orphans.

  • Sponsor a child!

  • Donate to help any of our homes provide needs for these kids!

  • Spread the word! #ShareTheLove and the news with everyone you know!

Happy Valentine's Day! Make a difference and #ShareTheLove today!

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