Kidstown International

Online School Readjustments

It wasn’t long before our home leaders started lifting up requests for new technology devices so that they could keep up with the new education guidelines. As school moved online, many of our homes in Romania, India, and Nepal were worried they would not be able to keep their kids in school.

These aren’t like most families that just have a few kids in school. Because of their servant hearts, they often have a dozen or so kids under their responsibility. This means that the one or two phones or laptops they already had would not be enough to provide online education to all of the different grades and children they have.

A lot of requests were sent for new phones, laptops, printers, Wi-Fi routers, ect, and a lot of time has been spent sifting through requests, reaching out to donors, and funding these projects. Thankfully, a lot of homes have been able to improve their access to technology, and their kids are able to continue their studies.

One home says, “We are very grateful to Kidstown for taking all the efforts in helping our children have computers to do online classes.” Education is critical to the success of a child moving out of their past of poverty, so these devices are important to the homes.



If you would like to help the homes continue to provide needed devices for their children’s education, click the link below!

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Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!