Kidstown International

Her Path Out of Insecurity

The mission of Kidstown stands on the reality that there are children today with no home, no family, and no hope. We will not stand by as children are left alone on the streets of villages, free to be destroyed by the evils of this world. Thankfully, there are people that have risen up to meet the needs of this tragic reality and have opened their homes to these hurting children.

Lakshmi’s story is heartbreaking. Although her father had a job, they lived in a poor condition, and he succumbed to the addiction of drugs and alcohol. This path led him to an untimely death, leaving his wife and daughter on the streets of India. At three years old Lakshmi’s mother soon abandoned her. The young girl came face to face with the dangerous evil that lurks the streets for those who are innocent.

It was only after a few years that she was finally brought to one of our supported homes. Although she was now in a safe and healthy environment, the lasting effects of living on the streets remained on her heart. Full of insecurity and difficult memories, Lakshmi had a long road to recovery ahead of her.

Her leaders surrounded her with love. Her home was safe and warm. She belonged here, with all of the support and protection from those around her. She had security to become who she was meant to be. Lakshmi fell in love with the Lord and began to lead worship. As she took interest in her school, she excelled in mathematics, physics, and chemistry, leading her to pursue engineering.

We now find this young girl in her third year at college for computer science engineering. She has achieved high honors, and participates in intercollegiate sports. She has surpassed all odds of her tragic orphaned past, pursuing opportunities for higher learning and for serving her community. She gives of her time and possessions to bless the less fortunate in her home and neighborhood. And the latest update on Lakshmi sees her planning her wedding!

Would we never lose sight of what it means to offer a hand to a hurting child. Whatever their current reality is, it will never dictate their future as long as God is still moving as a redeemer. Lakshmi has removed the blanket of her orphaned past and has put on the love of God, allowing her to pursue a successful and love filled life. She is on her way to accomplish great things.

Stories like this paint the picture of why Kidstown works hard to provide new futures for broken children. To find ways you can be a part of this redemption story, click here.

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