Kidstown International

Would this Darkness Shift

Here on the streets of a crowded market. Bare feet running past a pair of lonely eyes. She sits in the midst of chaos, yet her world feels empty. She meets rejection around every corner, encouraging her rising feeling of insignificance. Her thoughts stray to the missing embrace of a loving mother, wondering where the protection of her father went. A breeze blows past, bringing her back to the present. Where will she find her next bite? Will this time actually sustain the aching in her stomach? Or will she spend another night wasting away, wondering if there will be anything left of her in the morning. She tries to keep her thoughts from drifting to the sorrowful moment of losing her sister to this exact fate. The pain is too much to bear.

This is the story of Suman. A young teenage girl who now lives in one of our homes. Her past is tragic and heartbreaking, but unfortunately, one that we have heard before. But although we meet many children with this same fate, their stories are all unique.

When Suman’s mother could no longer bear the weight of this painful life, she attempted to leave it. When this failed, she realized there needed to be a change for her daughter. This important moment led her to inquire with a local children’s home. One that we happen to support. When they were told of the situation, their hearts were moved to bring Suman in to their family.

Suman no longer needs to go to bed with an empty stomach, or wander the dangerous streets of her village. The growing darkness around her has shifted to the light of hope. She has found her worth in Jesus Christ, and is receiving the daily love of diligent leaders.

As Suman follows the path of her education and walk of healing, she moves away from the little girl she was on the streets to the young woman of confidence and joy she is becoming.

But there is one thing Suman is missing. We have yet to find her a sponsor!

This is a very easy and accessible way to be a part of the change we know needs to come to these hurting places of the world. If you have compassion on Suman, will you please click the link below and become her sponsor? It is a $38 a month pledge, but the value you give by transforming her life goes far beyond this amount.


Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!