Kidstown International

A Care Infinitely Greater Than Our Own

When God teaches us that He knows the names of His children and can count the number of hairs on their head, it shouldn’t surprise us to see Him rescuing and leading His beloved out of tragedy and into a hope filled life.

He is faithful over all of His children. And we see this reality in every one of the kids we serve under Kidstown International.

God saw Sarah long before her life was turned upside down. And, in reality, long before even her parents met her. He knew the pain she would face, but He also knew the peace He would give her. She wasn’t out of His sight when her father lost himself to alcohol and died at a young age. And when Sarah’s mother could not provide the bare essentials for their survival, God was already on the move to provide breakthrough.

God was already working in the hearts of some of his other children to open a home for kids in need. And just as this happened, Sarah walked into their lives, becoming one of the first children to be a part of this home in India.

It was with a hope for a better life that Sarah came to this home, and here it was that she found this hope. Sarah herself writes “I never had to worry about anything else because I had everything I needed and more.” Sarah was able to go to school, grow up with a loving mom and dad, and eventually, find her worth in Jesus Christ.

It was a glorious day in Heaven when Sarah chose to be baptized at a Bible camp and dedicate her life to Jesus. And so we see, God had never walked away from Sarah, but was continuously leading her towards a life of surrender and peace, found only in Him. He was her hope, and once she realized this, everything changed.

Sarah is now a young adult, and is working towards a life of civil service to her people and to God. She writes “Everything that I am today was because of the relentless effort of Mom and Dad guiding me to the right track.” Sarah has seen her life transformed. She is not the same girl she was when she first walked into this young children’s home. She is a driven and compassionate woman of God, ready to give her life back to the One who saved her.

Before she moved into the home, she was not attending school, she didn’t have enough food, and she didn’t even have enough clothing. God found a way to provide these things for her, but He provided so much more. As a faithful Father, He provided her with New Life under the cross of Jesus, and He clothed her in His righteousness. Sarah has always been precious in His eyes, and He will now use her to help other people see their value in Him.

Sarah tells her sponsor: “I also want to thank you for your support and prayers in the past years. I really am grateful for it. May God continue to bless you tremendously.”

The lives we are reaching through this ministry are not only important to us, but to God. It is humbling to see how He cares infinitely more about their lives than we ever could. But even as He is working in their lives, He is using all of us to be His hands and feet to provide the love and care for His children.

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