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Stories of Hope

Meet Etus from Romania

Etus was found with her sister abandoned in their home by a neighbor. They were brought to the police who connected them to one of our supported homes. Etus was a young girl when this happened, and she has grown up in the home. She is now 13 years old and is doing really well! Her personality is shining and she is very close to everyone at the home. Her outlook on life is encouraging considering her background. She is easy going and full of joy. School is a challenge for her, but she continues to work hard at all of her assignments. She wants to have a bright future and understands the work it will take.

Etus is brings happiness and peace everywhere she goes. She is not easily knocked down by changing situations in life. She stay steady and focused on those around her. There is a lot of maturity to be found in such a young girl. She will soon take a test that will help her decide what to do for her secondary school. There is no doubt that Etus is a special girl, and that she is so important in this world. She is a bright light that will shine into all corners of the earth. Her story is powerful, and her strength is encouraging.

Meet Samu from Romania

We are impressed and amazed by this young man! Samu is important and valuable to us, and we are so thankful for his heart and story.
Samu entered came to one of our homes in Romania with his two brothers from a foster home after his mother was not able to efficiently care for them. After 5 years, the boys are still considered the baby family, and they have been able to flourish and grow.
Out of the brothers, and even the whole home, Samu is respected and looked up to. Not even being 10 years old, his opinion is heard, and he is involved with any decision making. You find so much life and curiosity in his young mind, it is inspiring! He rushes home to tell his home parents about his tests that he passed, and he is determined to learn. He doesn’t give up on learning new things, and will work until he fully understands it.
School is not the only area that Samu excels in though. He plays handball 3 times a week and is highly talented in archery. The skills and passion found in Samu are extraordinary and will take him far in life.
Samu is young boy who is admired and appreciated by everyone around him. He solves problems, and is loving to his family. He is a wonderful young man that we are so blessed to have in our lives. With the love and care of the home he is at, he has been able to show his true colors and heart, and he has people who will always love and believe in him.

Meet Katalin from Romania

Katalin is known by Katika by everyone in her life. She is an only child and was found in the woods with her mother and uncle. They were both mentally handicapped and working as farmers. Katika was not receiving any schooling, and she was brought to the children’s home without much information.
She is now in her 7th year at school. She is said to have an outstanding performance in school. She continues to achieve the highest marks and hopes to always continue with that. She understands how important it is to do well in school. She hopes for a successful future, and she is doing everything in her power to get there. At only fifteen, there is a lot of wisdom found in her.
Katika enjoys being on her own, but she never misses an opportunity to help others at the home. She effortlessly takes on a maternal role with the younger children by taking care of them and helping them become the best that they can be.
In some Romanian churches, they confirm their congregation. Katika took confirmation classes to understand what this means for her and the importance. She loved going to these classes, and her joy on her confirmation day was very clear. She gave her testimony in front of the church with confidence, and her faith was so strong to see.
Katika has come from a very humble and difficult situation, but she has not allowed that to keep her down. She is striving for a better future, and because of her strength and resilience, there is no doubt she will find success. Katika has found a hope that she can rely on, and the Lord will bless her abundantly.

Meet Hoipineo from India

Hoipineo arrived at her orphanage in 2012. Her mother had heard about the home and decided it was the best option. Her mother had been seriously struggling to take care of her 4 children. Back in 2008, when Hoipineo was 4 years old, their father lost his life to stomach cancer. Everyone in the family had tried very hard to heal him by selling all of their belongings, but in the end, they lost the battle. Her mother tried to sell second hand clothes, but their situation was looking hopeless.

Once Hoipineo was sent to the home, she began to find happiness and to feel good. She says that she found peace. She is very interested in learning about God and His salvation, and she finds joy in serving Him. She is in high school now and is thankful for how God has loved and taken care of her.

She asks that we pray for her future. She hopes for a better future, but knows she has a ways to go. We are so thankful that we can walk beside Hoipineo, and not only pray for her future, but be a part of making it possible.

Meet Angyalka from Romania

Consider Angyalka, now 14, born into a family finally of six children with the mother gone, the father jailed, the children alone in a house that was once a house of two small rooms but by the time she knew what a house could be this was only wood hanging at random angles and the winter wind was whistling in through the holes where windows once were unbroken, windows now gone, walls of holes, no food and she felt the need and the instinct to protect her brothers but she was too young, too young.

This young girl says she has clothes at this Kidstown supported children’s home in Romania, she has food, she goes to school. Four of her brothers, one older, three younger, also live at the home. They have all been rescued.

“Here is better,” she says. Her goal for the future? “I would like to be a hairdresser. I would like one child, a girl. I would like to be a mother who — I don’t want to leave my child as my mother left us. I don’t know what goals for my child. I would like her to feel good. I am a person who helps people. I would like to help my kid. When we are here, I take my little brother to school.”

Here’s what this Kidstown supported children’s home leader in Romania writes in a note: “Their house was in a terrible situation. They lived in an old house with 2 rooms with 7 persons. The father received money from the government to build a house. He gets building materials from the local council, but he sells it. The father was aggressive and he was in prison for 2 years. The children visit him, with their mother. Once their mother decided to go with another man and she let the children alone. The youngest was 4 years old, the oldest 13 years. The only girl was 10 and she tried to take care of her brothers. They went regularly to school. The social worker from the village tried to place the children in a good place.”

I’ve seen the house, two rooms, roof shingles chipped or missing, foundation crumbled, half or more of the stucco walls fallen away, nothing behind it, mold all around, uninhabitable. Uninhabitable, but not so long ago inhabited by a family of children. – C.R. Roberts

Meet Kimali from India

Kimali is a story of restoration and hope. She has been living at a home we support in India for some time now. She was originally brought to the home by her grandfather when she was four years old, along with her two and a half year old brother. Kimali’s father had died when she was even younger. This tragic event had a serious effect on her mother who began to suffer a tremendous amount of PTSD. She was in no condition to care for her children, which is why her father brought Kimali and her brother to the home, desperate for help since he was also in no condition to be there for the children.

The leaders at the home were more than willing to take the children and also moved to bring treatment and help to the mother. Shortly after this, news was received that Kimali’s grandfather had died, and only a few years later, her mother’s health seriously declined, leading to her death.

There is no telling what Kimali went through emotionally through these events, but she has risen from this damaged past with grace and strength. She was given a safe place to develop and grow into a woman full of dreams and hope. She plays a huge part in her community, and she soared through school with a plan to become a doctor. She desires to serve those that are least served saying,
“Lord has always been merciful to me.I believe that life is an opportunity to serve the commons and poor”
“I do always pray and desire to serve people as a medical doctor as it gives me great opportunity to share the goodness of service and love with gospel.”
“Thank you for the prayers and support which helped me till now in a great extent. I sincerely thank you for praying for my future.”

Kimali has been deeply affected by the Gospel and by the hand of God in her life. The story of Kimali’s life is a testimony to so many others to the power of love and redemption. We are so thankful and humble to be a part of her life, and we are thankful to all of our sponsors who make it possible to see this kind of story.

Meet Evelin from Romania

Evelin was born in Romania in 2007 without a father and to a mother who was very ill, as well as schizophrenic. Evelin did not receive the care that all young children ought to have, and that only increased when her mother abandoned her. We are not sure of all of the details, but when Evelin was around two to three years old, she lived within an old storage space with an old man. He had numerous dogs and no running water, electricity, or heating.

Thankfully, social services got involved and began the search for a safe environment for Evelin. They were able to contact one of the homes that Kidstown supports, and she went to live with them at age 4.

Evelin is now 8 years old, and has already developed into an amazing young girl. She has been very successful with her school, and becomes very determined to do her very best at everything she does. Her personality has been given the chance to shine out, and she has shown herself to be very caring and sweet. She gets along with all of the children at her home, even though she is the youngest there.

We are so glad that Evelin was able to find love and care, despite her past. She is a wonderful story of redemption and rescue, and we are honored to be a part of her story.

Meet Bishnu from Nepal

In 2015, Nepal was victim to many floods and landslides, including in the village where Bishnu lived with his family. A child Kidstown International supports in Nepal. Here is his message:

“My name is Bishnu. I am now 14 years old. I came from a small village in Nepal. My village is in remote area it takes one day to reach the nearest city. There is no facility of transportation, electricity and the condition of village is very poor. My family condition was poor and we had financial crisis. My mother had remarried after my father’s death. Then in my family we became stepfather, my mother, elder sister, younger brother and sister and I. In 2015 there was heavy flood and landslide in my village. All of my family members died in the flood; except my elder sister and I. We were saved by staying on the tree for more than 8 hours. Then we lost everything. There was nobody to care and support us. One of my village’s neighbors brought me in the orphanage home here in Nepal. Thank God, I am happy to be in the orphanage home. Now, I am getting good care, education and moral discipline here. Sometimes I think that if I would not be in the home I could not get love, care and education but now I come to know that God’s love, care and protections in my life and now I am not feeling loneliness in my life. Recently I have completed seven class. Now I am preparing for eight class. My future aim is to be in the army. Please pray for my study and future life.”

It is because of people like you that Bishnu and other similar children are able to have love and support in their lives, so thank you!