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Stories of Hope


Over the years, hundreds of children have passed through homes that Kidstown supports. Living in these homes have spared many children from a life of crushing poverty, abuse, or neglect. Simply having a family and friends, getting an education, and growing up with hope is much more than many children would otherwise have.

Meet David from India

Meet David! David has lived at one of our supported homes since he was six years old! At that time, he was malnourished and weak as he was healing from tuberculosis. The home leaders were dedicated to helping him heal,

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Meet Török from Romania

It can be difficult to face the reality of the broken families found in Romania, but for Török, this was his reality. And beyond the family circle, the streets provide only further disruption and brokenness. You never wish for a

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Meet Nuthaki from India

It was on the streets of India that a young girl was found struggling to fend for life. She was covered with trauma and fear. Coming from an abusive household with the loss of her father, there was no hope

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Meet Monika from India

The city of Kolkata, India is a sprawling mass of dense streets, smog, vehicles, and people living out their lives. Many people who are born in Kolkata may never leave the city during their life. New York has a population

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Meet Abhijel from India

The amount of people living in India is hard to fathom – nearly 1.4 billion people call India home, and the population continues to rise steadily. That’s 1.4 billion unique stories, unique personalities, and unique lives. Many of these are

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Meet Upendar from India

The children that Kidstown sponsors come from a wide range of backgrounds. While some children are orphans who have lost both parents, others have been neglected or abandoned by their families. Upendar’s parents are both alive, but they were not

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Into the Romanian Countryside

A story by C.R. Roberts. Realizing that their children might have economic value — farm labor or worse — the parents of this family have removed their children from the care of a Kidstown home. Still, a donor sends financial

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Meet Ioana

Ioana was abandoned by both of her parents. After her mother left their family with another man, her father gave up on caring for his five children. He left Romania completely, leaving the children on their own. In normal circumstances,

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Raghav’s Hope

Recently, a Kidstown supported children’s home in India sent an update on how they are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. At the end of the report, the home leader mentioned a child named Raghav. Raghav came to the children’s home

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Garlands of Golden Marigolds

A story by C.R. Roberts. This is what I learned one day in Nepal. One day, and three little stories. – AMIR – The home leader thinks Amir is 6. He isn’t sure. The boy was left by his parents

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Together We Give #GivingTuesdayNow

Our sponsors and donors are what allow us to do what we do. In this time of uncertainty, generosity can bring the whole world together. That’s the idea behind the #GivingTuesdayNow movement. Organizations from all over the world are asking

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Fireside Chat with Marv & Alison

Recently one of Kidstown’s board members, Marv Tjoelker, traveled to Nepal with a small group of people from Northwest Washington. A few weeks after they returned, Marv and his niece, Alison Moore, were reflecting on their trip while enjoying a

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