Kidstown International

Lifting Them Up

A lesson we are learning is that God is a powerful and faithful God. He has continued to lay his hand on our kids, their leaders, and our supporters. Through the continued support being sent for kids, and the transformation happening in these kids, God is showing us how compassionate and loving He is. And as He answers our prayers, we want to continue bringing Him our requests. We know that He can meet them, and that He is the one with the answers. So will you please read through our prayer requests below and take a moment to lift them up to the Lord?

  • One of our children in Romania recently broke his leg. He is doing ok now, but cannot leave his bed for the next month. Pray that he has patience during this time of recovery, and that everything heals well.
  • A home in India is preparing to bring back a number of their older children that had to live with relatives during this time of lockdown. Please pray that this transition goes well, and that the children arrive safely back home. And please pray for the kids as they begin to go to school again and return to life at the children’s home.
  • A home in Nepal is moving to a new building. Please pray that the new landlord has understanding and grace for them, and that the children do ok during this transition. Moving can be difficult, so please pray that everyone has patience and love, and that this change is a good change.
  • A young lady that grew up in one of our homes in India has just gotten married! He is a ministry leader in his local church, and they are excited to build their life together. Please pray a blessing over them and their new marriage!
  • A young girl in India is walking through some health issues. They aren’t serious, but are causing her some fear and frustration. Please pray that she will continue to get the help she needs, and that she will have peace and hope through this situation. And pray for her leaders to know what the best decisions to make are.
  • Our homes have asked for prayer that their children remain healthy during this season, and that they are able to find joy and stay happy and occupied as the restrictions continue.
  • Online school is difficult. Please pray for our kids as they keep walking this challenging road. Pray that they have focus and a clear mind, and are able to learn what they need to. And pray for their teachers and leaders to help them through this.
  • Please pray for our children that may not know Jesus yet. Pray that their hearts would be softened to what God is teaching them, and that they believe in Jesus and what is being taught to them.
  • One of our leaders in India is suffering with some health issues that are making mobility for him difficult. He is still working so hard in his responsibilities, but his healing journey is slow. Please pray that he is able to rest and recover quickly. And please pray that his responsibilities go smoothly during this time.
  • As many of our kids are making decisions for their future, please pray for their motivation to keep working hard in their studies and to make good choices. Please pray that they are encouraged and hopeful about their future, and that the right doors open to them.


Thank you for your support and prayers.

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!