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Stories of Hope


Over the years, hundreds of children have passed through homes that Kidstown supports. Living in these homes have spared many children from a life of crushing poverty, abuse, or neglect. Simply having a family and friends, getting an education, and growing up with hope is much more than many children would otherwise have.

Together We Give #GivingTuesdayNow

Our sponsors and donors are what allow us to do what we do. In this time of uncertainty, generosity can bring the whole world together. That’s the idea behind the #GivingTuesdayNow movement. Organizations from all over the world are asking

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Fireside Chat with Marv & Alison

Recently one of Kidstown’s board members, Marv Tjoelker, traveled to Nepal with a small group of people from Northwest Washington. A few weeks after they returned, Marv and his niece, Alison Moore, were reflecting on their trip while enjoying a

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Meet Cristina from Romania

Our stories of hope about children in Kidstown supported homes are very diverse. For some children, hope is simply being raised in a loving environment, away from the abuse and neglect of their homes. For others, it is the love,

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Eight Hours Outside Bucharest

A story by C.R. Roberts. Eight hours on a bus from Bucharest to Lupen, deep in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. We pass hay stacked in high, conical ricks. Autumn roses stand crimson in gardens and chicken-wire corn cribs sit

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Meet Sarah from India

Darkness surrounded her house that night. The pain that already filled Sarah’s young heart would only grow once her father came barreling into the house. Raging after a night of drinking, he beat his pregnant wife to the ground. One

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Meet Simran from India

The children who come to homes supported by Kidstown are from a wide variety of backgrounds. Many, like Simran, come from difficult, broken homes and families. Despite the circumstances she came from, she was able to grow up in a

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Meet Etus from Romania

Etus was found with her sister abandoned in their home by a neighbor. They were brought to the police who connected them to one of our supported homes. Etus was a young girl when this happened, and she has grown

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Meet Samu from Romania

We are impressed and amazed by this young man! Samu is important and valuable to us, and we are so thankful for his heart and story. Samu entered came to one of our homes in Romania with his two brothers

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Meet Katalin from Romania

Katalin is known by Katika by everyone in her life. She is an only child and was found in the woods with her mother and uncle. They were both mentally handicapped and working as farmers. Katika was not receiving any

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Meet Hoipineo from India

Hoipineo arrived at her orphanage in 2012. Her mother had heard about the home and decided it was the best option. Her mother had been seriously struggling to take care of her 4 children. Back in 2008, when Hoipineo was

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Meet Angyalka from Romania

Consider Angyalka, now 14, born into a family finally of six children with the mother gone, the father jailed, the children alone in a house that was once a house of two small rooms but by the time she knew

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Meet Evelin from Romania

Evelin was born in Romania in 2007 without a father and to a mother who was very ill, as well as schizophrenic. Evelin did not receive the care that all young children ought to have, and that only increased when

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