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Stories of Hope


Over the years, hundreds of children have passed through homes that Kidstown supports. Living in these homes have spared many children from a life of crushing poverty, abuse, or neglect. Simply having a family and friends, getting an education, and growing up with hope is much more than many children would otherwise have.

The Sower, the Seed, and Starbucks

Dear Kidstown Friends, The time in Romania is coming to a close. Seven of us have had the opportunity to see and experience amazing things: some encouraging, some heart-breaking, and some clear evidence of a God at work. It is

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Orphan in India May Go Far!

Kola comes from a background of poverty. God had other plans for her, however, and a few years ago she came to live in a Christian orphanage in India. Here she received love and care, her needs were met, she

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Miracles Happen!

Eszter is the director of the Emmaus Home orphanage in Bogata, Romania. She tells an amazing story of family reunification. Five years ago, the parents of Istvan and Kinga Santa were alcoholics. The dad came to Eszter’s father-in-law and told

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Orphan Selected for Scholarship

Catalina is a young lady who lives in the Casa Sperantei orphanage in Timisoara, Romania. She, along with two of her brothers, came to live in the Casa Sperantei in 1995 after their mother died. Catalina comes from a family

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From Tragedy to Home

Magdolna and Adorjan are two children who live in the Alesd Home orphanage in Northwestern Romania. They have lived in this home for many years now. Both of their parents are deceased. Magdolna and Adorjan witnessed their father’s self-inflicted death

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