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Meet Upendar from India

The children that Kidstown sponsors come from a wide range of backgrounds. While some children are orphans who have lost both parents, others have been neglected or abandoned by their families.

Upendar’s parents are both alive, but they were not able to care for him as a child. His parents live in a leper colony in India, and are not allowed work or interact with the rest of society. In India, people with leprosy are shunned because of misinformation about the disease and the disfigurement it causes. These people, and the children born into these shunned communities, have little hope of being cured or changing their situation. They face extreme poverty due to the systemic prejudice against lepers.

This isn’t a bright place for a child to be raised.

Fortunately, Upendar’s parents were able to send him to a children’s home supported by Kidstown. They were happy to send their child to a place where he would have the opportunity to grow in a healthy environment, have friends, and go to school. Upendar would have missed out on these basic opportunities if he had grown up in the leper colony with his parents.

In the children’s home, Upendar was raised in an environment where he was loved. The home leaders supported him in getting his education, and he studied hard and did well in school.

Growing up in a place of love and opportunity allowed Upendar to dream about the future. He wanted to get to get a higher education. For many children in India, attending college isn’t financially feasible – many children don’t even get a high school education. With the support of Kidstown donors, Kidstown helped provide a scholarship for Upendar to attend college. and get a degree. He is now working his way through college, and following his dreams.

Giving children hope for the future is core to Kidstown’s mission. Providing scholarships for children to receive higher education further equips them to make an impact in their communities. Because these children have been raised in a loving and supportive environment, many of them use their education and success to help others in their communities.

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Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!