Kidstown International

Meet Abhijel from India

The amount of people living in India is hard to fathom – nearly 1.4 billion people call India home, and the population continues to rise steadily. That’s 1.4 billion unique stories, unique personalities, and unique lives. Many of these are stories of hardship. There are stories of poverty, of hopelessness, and of neglect.

Abhijel, a young girl in a Kidstown supported home in India, has a story of her own – a story that is all too common. Before she was taken in by a children’s home, she was found wondering the streets with her siblings. Both of her parents were dead.

It’s hard to imagine the loss and trauma that orphans like Abhijel have experienced from a young age. Most children in her situation would have lived a hard, short life. A life with little hope.

Fortunately, our home leaders were able to take Abhijel in. Because of this, her story changed dramatically. It changed from a story of loss and pain to a story of hope and love. She now lives in a safe and caring environment. She has a new family that loves and supports her.

Abhijel has been able to find joy and confidence in her new life. While the trauma from her past will remain with her, she now has the opportunity to overcome it and live the life she wants to live.

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!