Kidstown International

One Day at a Time

The day that Ritesh’s mother died was a day that rocked this little boy’s life. In shock, he retreated into the depths of himself, hoping to find safety.

In coming to one of our supported homes, they had hopes that this would bring Ritesh out of his shell. But despite their efforts, he remained closed off and depressed. He would not speak, and kept to himself.

Besides losing his mother and everything he understood of life, Ritesh also struggled physically with the effects of the HIV virus. He was weak and needed lifestyle changes to help him heal.

But none of this discouraged the leaders from pouring everything into Ritesh and trying everything they could to help him recover. Every day, they did their best to show Ritesh that he was loved and that he was safe.

The motherly love and mental support that they gave him slowly reached into Ritesh’s heart and showed him that he was indeed safe. It took him a number of years, but with time, Ritesh grew better and better, and is now the friendliest child in the home. He has recovered greatly from his past!

Something that the home found was really helpful with Ritesh was allowing him to engage in activities such as drawing and painting. Art became a source of healing and joy for Ritesh. He invested his time into improving his skills, and hopes to become a professional painter one day. This creative outlet has proved to be a powerful tool in bringing Ritesh past the trauma in his heart. He has found the ability to enjoy life and dream for his future.

Now that Ritesh is receiving the proper nutrition and treatment to heal his body from the HIV virus, and is receiving the emotional and mental support he needed to be pulled out of his pain, he is truly flourishing.

As a young boy, he still has a number of years left to improve and grow in the home he is at. But one thing he is lacking is a sponsor! Ritesh is living in one of our supported homes, but he does not have a sponsor.

Ritesh needs a sponsor!

By becoming Ritesh’s sponsor, you would be gaining the chance to walk alongside him and encourage him towards greater success and healing. He may even share a drawing with you!

Will you please consider standing up for Ritesh and believing in him by becoming his sponsor?


Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!