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Meet Vikram from India

So many people have lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 setbacks. But before there was a virus, India was already a difficult place to earn a living.

Between a dense population and serious economic challenges, it can be very hard to find work. And even when some can, it may not provide for more than a days worth of food.

The struggle to find adequate work often leads to finding respite in drinking. And for any children in the middle of this dilemma, there is little hope available for them. Begging on the streets, or alone at home with no education, how can they rise above?

Many of these children face a life of struggle and poverty. There is little hope for any sort of opportunity for them.

Vikram was one of these children, begging on the street while his father drank his depression away. That was, until he was brought in to one of our children’s homes in India to find safety and essential care.

As a child caught in the poverty of his family, Vikram could have easily joined in the cycle. But because of some generous leaders who took the time to see Vikram and the potential inside of him, he now gets to live in hope and a brighter future.

Sponsoring a child like Vikram is an opportunity to truly transform their life. It gives them the chance to live a life of hope.

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