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Raghav’s Hope

Recently, a Kidstown supported children’s home in India sent an update on how they are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. At the end of the report, the home leader mentioned a child named Raghav.

Raghav came to the children’s home after being neglected by his family. He was born small and weak, and was not properly looked after. Unfortunately, this is the case for many children in India. Due to extreme poverty, families are often unable to properly provide for all of their children.

Unable to walk, eat, or speak properly, Raghav was taken in to the children’s home, where they were able to properly care for him. With enough food, a roof over his head, and the loving care of the home leaders and other children, Raghav was able to get better, and begin thriving! Now rather than struggling to speak, he makes jokes and laughs with the other children. Now rather than struggling to walk, he plays soccer.

Four of Raghav’s brothers and sisters have died due to starvation and sickness. These are the dire circumstances that many of these children face. While a child like Raghav may come from a traumatic past, they are being given hope for the future. They are growing up in a loving environment where they can thrive.

Raghav, the smallest, weakest child of his family, is alive. He has a home and a new family. He doing well in school. All of these are huge successes for a child in India! As the home leader said in his message,

Thank you for being with us in such a time. Because of you, these kids can have their future, we are able to give them hope…Thank you for everything.

Sponsoring a child, donating for education, or just offering your prayers gives children hope in ways we often can’t being to imagine!

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!