Kidstown International

Meet Sarah from India

Darkness surrounded her house that night.

The pain that already filled Sarah’s young heart would only grow once her father came barreling into the house. Raging after a night of drinking, he beat his pregnant wife to the ground. One can never know the darkness that filled his soul as he poured gasoline over her. In his drunken state he was unable to light a fire before neighbors rushed in to save Sarah and her mother. They were taken in by an uncle, but Sarah’s mother struggled for work after giving birth to her second child. Living in a poor area with little opportunity, she knew Sarah and her sister would not last long.

A Kidstown supported home heard of the situation and went to visit them. Sarah was a shy young girl, but she had enough courage to ask them to take her with them. At three years old Sarah was one of the first girls to live at this home. The leaders raised her as their own and gave her the education she needed. Sarah’s sister would later join the home as well, breaking the cycle of pain and poverty they had been living in. Sarah worked hard in all of her schooling and found joy in living at the home.

Both Sarah and her sister are currently going to nursing school. After one year, they will be finished and ready to join the medical work force. Sarah accepted Jesus into her life and is a strong witness for His power and love. The home leaders were able to stay connected with Sarah’s mother and helped her get a job. It was in that small home where Sarah first met the leaders that her life would change. Their choice to bring her into their life set her up for a journey of healing and growth.

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