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Meet Cristina from Romania

Our stories of hope about children in Kidstown supported homes are very diverse. For some children, hope is simply being raised in a loving environment, away from the abuse and neglect of their homes. For others, it is the love, support, and education that gives them opportunity to grow up and do what they want to do with their life.

Cristina grew up in Romania, in a tiny house with her extended family. They lived in a small, poor village, and the living conditions were difficult. Living in a small room with eleven other people and facing family members who drank excessively and weighed down the family, there was little hope for Cristina. Her father had left the family some years before, and Cristina’s mother struggled to care for her amidst their living situation.

Eventually her mother grew deathly ill, and without her support Cristina was left alone with her siblings and relatives. Fortunately, this was not the end of Cristina’s story.

Flori and Gusti, leaders of a children’s home in Romania, would visit Cristina’s family to help with their needs and share about God. They saw the difficult situation the children were living in, and were moved to intervene. Because Cristina’s father was gone, and her mother was deathly ill, they brought Cristina and her sister into their home.

For Cristina, this was a dream come true. It was a chance to live a life where she was surrounded by love and opportunity. She recalls that they “had a nice room, bathroom, and there were just two of us in one room. We had food and clothes and love from Flori and the other women working there.” Because Flori and Gusti’s home is supported by Kidstown, Cristina soon had a sponsor, and as she grew up she built a relationship with her sponsor. They exchanged letters and Cristina was continually encouraged by their love and support. Her sponsors were part of her new family.

As Cristina grew older, she had a lot of dreams for her future. Had she never been taken in by Flori and Gusti, her chances for opportunity would have been very limited. Cristina now had the chance to attend university, and another supporter helped cover the cost of her tuition. She went to university, got a degree, and now has a career in business that she loves. “Imagine living in those horrible conditions, and then out of nowhere, your life gets much better, just because some kind people decided to help you.”

Sponsoring a child through Kidstown can fundamentally change the course of a child’s life. Every sponsor is taking part in positive changes in these children’s lives, and often develop life-long relationships with these children. It is a gift and an honor to see people like Cristina living and loving their life.

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