Kidstown International

Meet Samu from Romania

We are impressed and amazed by this young man! Samu is important and valuable to us, and we are so thankful for his heart and story.
Samu entered came to one of our homes in Romania with his two brothers from a foster home after his mother was not able to efficiently care for them. After 5 years, the boys are still considered the baby family, and they have been able to flourish and grow.

Out of the brothers, and even the whole home, Samu is respected and looked up to. Not even being 10 years old, his opinion is heard, and he is involved with any decision making. You find so much life and curiosity in his young mind, it is inspiring! He rushes home to tell his home parents about his tests that he passed, and he is determined to learn. He doesn’t give up on learning new things, and will work until he fully understands it.

School is not the only area that Samu excels in though. He plays handball 3 times a week and is highly talented in archery. The skills and passion found in Samu are extraordinary and will take him far in life.

Samu is young boy who is admired and appreciated by everyone around him. He solves problems, and is loving to his family. He is a wonderful young man that we are so blessed to have in our lives. With the love and care of the home he is at, he has been able to show his true colors and heart, and he has people who will always love and believe in him.

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