Kidstown International

Meet Etus from Romania

Etus was found with her sister abandoned in their home by a neighbor. They were brought to the police who connected them to one of our supported homes. Etus was a young girl when this happened, and she has grown up in the home. She is now 13 years old and is doing really well! Her personality is shining and she is very close to everyone at the home. Her outlook on life is encouraging considering her background. She is easy going and full of joy. School is a challenge for her, but she continues to work hard at all of her assignments. She wants to have a bright future and understands the work it will take.

Etus is brings happiness and peace everywhere she goes. She is not easily knocked down by changing situations in life. She stay steady and focused on those around her. There is a lot of maturity to be found in such a young girl. She will soon take a test that will help her decide what to do for her secondary school. There is no doubt that Etus is a special girl, and that she is so important in this world. She is a bright light that will shine into all corners of the earth. Her story is powerful, and her strength is encouraging.

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