Kidstown International

Meet Simran from India

The children who come to homes supported by Kidstown are from a wide variety of backgrounds. Many, like Simran, come from difficult, broken homes and families. Despite the circumstances she came from, she was able to grow up in a loving, safe environment.

The Karuna home, located in India, took Simran in twelve years ago. Before coming to the home, her life was filled with pain and fear. Her father terrorized their home, and beat Simran’s mother so much that she ended up in a mental institution due to severe mental and emotional trauma. Unfortunately, after her mother was no longer around, Simran’s father began to take out his anger on Simran and her brother. Even though they were young, they did not escape his brutality.

Fortunately, Simran’s grandmother still lived with the family, and she did her best to protect the children. This struggle proved to be too difficult, but Simran’s grandmother had the courage to approach the leaders at the Karuna home. The Karuna home welcomed the children in, and has been caring for and supporting them ever since.

Of course, moving into an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people was difficult for Simran and her brother at first. But over time, she slowly began to trust that she was finally in a loving environment. At the Karuna home, Simran had friends and caretakers, and over time she accepted them as her new family. She also accepted Christ and was baptized.

Now the oldest girl at the Karuna home, Simran is passionate about caring for the younger children. She loves and supports the younger, newer children coming to the home who are also from difficult situations. Because she grew up in a supportive environment, Simran was also able to excel in school, and will soon be attending college and vocational training. The home leaders are dedicated to help her achieve her dreams and support her through whatever trials life throws at her.

Simran, like many of the children in Kidstown-supported homes, came from a very broken family, who was no longer able to care for her. Growing up in the Karuna home, she was able to find redemption and hope in her life. She learned what it meant to be loved, and to love others. Rather than becoming a tragic, forgotten child she is pushing back against the cruelty of the world and is a shining light in her community.

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!