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When it comes down to it, a child needs love and support. They need a tender hug, a pat on the shoulder, someone to laugh with and to cry with. They need food in their bellies and a safe space to dream. They need someone to believe in them and to fight for them.

Each one of the children in our homes was living a life that lacked these forms of nurturing before coming to the home. But our leaders are dedicated to providing all of these things every day for them. These children are their children, and they are invested in their growth and transformation.

Connecting sponsors to children is an important piece to this puzzle of transformation. The financial support of sponsorship is given to the homes so that they can be enabled to continuing their work of helping children in need. But the support goes beyond financial. Becoming a sponsor is going low and reaching out a hand to a hurting child and communicating that they are special and important. It is connecting to a child in varying degrees and believing in them when most of the world has turned away from them.

Although every sponsorship relationship is different, and some last longer than others, sponsorship is a rewarding opportunity to pour life into a child. And this act of love has influence far beyond the small window that sponsorship provides. Whatever story unfolds for the child, the support of a compassionate individual will always remain a part of that story. They will carry the knowledge and remnants of that relationship wherever it is that they go.

Living in a world that is surrounded by so many needs, our hearts always have a chance to break for the hurting. Becoming a sponsor is an opportunity to act on that compassion. To take one step forward in making the world a better place. We want to give you an opportunity to step into this relationship. If you are feeling like it’s time to respond to the pain of the world and would like an easy way to do that, there will be some sponsorship opportunities below.

If you are already a current sponsor, but you have seen the benefits and rewards of sponsorship and would like to sponsor an additional child, you can just follow the steps of sponsoring a child, and we will add it in our system.

And if you are not ready to become a sponsor, but would still like to respond, take a look at our ‘How Can I Help’ page to find some more opportunities.


Lives in India
Birthday: February 2008

Uttam has come from a mountainous region in Northeast India. In this place he lost both his mother and father.  When a local Christian leader was visiting this area, concerned villagers told him about Uttam’s desperate situation. He was brought to one of our homes, and he is now being loved and cared for. Uttam is able to go to school and learn about God. He likes playing with cars!

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Lives in India
Birthday: September 2006

Ritesh was in a state of trauma after his mother passed away and his whole life changed. He was close to his mother, and the affects of this loss were very apparent on his demeanor. He was brought into a children’s home, and they became very invested in loving and supporting Ritesh. They helped him find his passion in drawing, and through much effort, Ritesh has transformed. He now has an abundance of joy and love for the others in his home. He is driven to become better in his art, and he does his best in school. Ritesh is dealing with some health affects from HIV, but he is receiving the help he needs.

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Lives in India
Birthday: March 2006

Deepika’s situation was becoming worse as her family was going days on end without any food. Living in a slum with a poor substitute for a home, Deepika’s father began drinking. He soon could not even work, leaving his family with no help. Soon after Deepika began begging on the streets, both of her parents died of tuberculosis. Deepika was taken in by relatives, but she was forced to work as a maid in other’s houses. She saw the other children going to school and dreamed of doing the same. Seeing her situation, Deepika was brought in to one of our homes. She was so excited to go to school for the first time ever! The home is dedicated to giving her proper love and care.

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Lives in India
Birthday: February 2006

Living in a hut with no reliable income, Binanda’s parents were living in a very poor situation. For Binanda to be able to go to school and have the chance for a successful future, he needed a better place to live. In this situation, he came to one of our homes. He has been able to go to school, and is growing up to be healthy and capable. Binanda likes to play volleyball and enjoys going to church. He spends a lot of time studying his Bible and loves to worship Jesus.

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Lives in Romania
Birthday: November 2003

A responsible and driven young man, Stanculeanu was growing up in a remote village with no access to school. He was the oldest of 8 siblings, his family had no money, and there was little opportunity for Stan’s future. He was happy to come to one of our homes so that he can go to highschool and pursue his desire to be a car mechanic. He is loved by those at the home, and they believe he will be able to go as far as he wants. Stan enjoys playing the keyboard, and is keeping up with his grades.

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Lives in India
Birthday: June 2007

Nabin is from the Santali tribe, a very poor and discriminated-against Hindu tribe in the area. His family is very poor with his father trying to find work day by day. Because Nabin’s parents are not able to provide the proper care for their son, it was arranged for him to come and live our children’s home. Here he receives love, shelter, good food, an education, and hears the Gospel. Nabin is currently in school.

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Lives in India
Birthday: November 2013

Subodip’s mother had to live in a different house so that she could find work after her husband abandoned them. Subodip was not living in a home or receiving any learning. It was because of this that he has come to live at one of our homes so that he may live in a safe and comfortable home, go to school, and be surrounded by people who will love him and give him what he needs. He will grow to be healthy and learn many things.

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To see our full list of children available for sponsorship, you can click here.


Thank you to all of our current supporters for your generous giving. Your care and support is turning the tides, and lives are being changed!

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!