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Sohan was seventeen years old when he started living in one of our supported homes in India.

Although he was an older teenager, he was in need of a supportive environment, and the ability to finish his schooling. The reality was that Sohan’s parents were separated from each other and disengaged from their son’s life. Sohan had been excelling in school, but he did not have a safe home life, and there was no support for him to continue schooling.

Sohan had high hopes for his future and career, and he had the skills to accomplish it. He was just lacking the nurturing family environment to help him succeed. The leaders of our home saw the value inside this young boy and had compassion on him. They took him under their wings and set him up with what he needed.

We were able to connect Sohan with a sponsor, and through the support and encouragement that followed, Sohan completed his grade school education and continued on to business school where he earned his bachelor’s degree.  He is now a working adult living in Dubai.

Not only did Sohan receive the educational support he needed, but he accepted Jesus into His life and is actively following him today. He found a family love and community in his home, and was able to believe in himself when no one had in his past.

Children who are in highschool still deserve the love and support of a home when they are in need. Just because they are older, does not mean that they cannot still receive transformation and hope. We have a number of children in our homes that are teenagers and don’t have a sponsor. We believe that they are capable of accomplishing great things, and that they deserve whatever encouragement we can give them. Many people look for the younger children to sponsor, and we love that this gives the opportunity for a long lasting relationship, but our older children need someone to walk with them as well.

You will see a number of options below of older children that need a sponsor. Please take the time to read through their stories. These are amazing kids who have walked through painful things, but are on a path to change their world!


Lives in Nepal
Birthday: January 2005

Samuel is very small and remote village. His father died from cancer. After his fathers death, his mother was working very hard to support her family. By working all day, she is unable to support or take care of her children and cannot afford to send them to school. Samuel was brought to one of our homes for safety and provision. Samuel likes being at the home where he receives an education. His hobby is playing football. He dreams to be a doctor.

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Lives in Romania
Birthday: 2003

When Antonela’s teachers noticed the signs of domestic violence, they took immediate action and brought Antonela and her sister to one of our homes. Her mother had died, and her father was abusive. Antonela was worried that her father would find them, but as time has passed, she has realized that the children’s home is a safe and warm place for them to live. She is thankful to be protected and to be provided with the love and care that her and her sister needed.

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Ritesh Adhikary
Lives in India
Birthday: September 2006

Ritesh was in a state of trauma after his mother passed away and his whole life changed. He was close to his mother, and the affects of this loss were very apparent on his demeanor. He was brought into a children’s home, and they became very invested in loving and supporting Ritesh. They helped him find his passion in drawing, and through much effort, Ritesh has transformed. He now has an abundance of joy and love for the others in his home. He is driven to become better in his art, and he does his best in school. Ritesh is dealing with some health affects from HIV, but he is receiving the help he needs.

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Lives in India
Birthday: September 2002

Pranesh is from a very large family. Sadly, they are also a very poor family and have barely anything to give for Pranesh. There was a lot of concern for the survival of Pranesh, so he was accepted into our Grace Home. He is now able to go to school and get the necessary care that he was lacking. Pranesh will be able to learn about Jesus and pursue his dream of becoming a pastor.

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Lives in India
Birthday: November 2006

With a mother burdened by a chronic illness and a father who is a drunkard, Nikhil’s chance of a quality life was even further lessened by the slum living situation and his lack of food. There was no initiative from his father to take care of the family or get treatment for his wife. Nikhil often talked of going to school to his mother, but she could not muster enough money. Nikhil took to wandering the streets and getting into trouble. He was losing the innocence that a young boy should have. As his mother worsened, she worried about Nikhil’s life is she were to die, with a negligent father. She was told about one of our homes and was encouraged to bring Nikhil to the home. He was brought in with gladness and is now going to school and being cared for properly.

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Lives in India
Birthday: October 2000

Although Lovely’s parents tried hard to work, they were often not receiving their due wages, and Lovely was going hungry. It was very difficult for the family. They could not supply the food and clothes that were needed. They were forced to find work in a bigger city, but they had to move into a slum. In his new job as a construction worker, Lovely’s father suffered from a dangerous work accident. Although he survived, he was a broken man and could no longer work. Lovely had to begin working, but it was not a safe or secure situation for a young girl. Lovely very much wanted to go to school, but it was out of the question in her situation. When the family met the home leaders, they decided it would be the best thing for her to live there. Lovely says “In my home I did not laugh, I was never happy, but here I am happy that I am free to laugh and go to school. I thank my Jesus for loving me.” She is also going to school.

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If you would like to read the stories of our other children that need a sponsor, you can take a look at our sponsor page!

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!