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Distant Yet Close: Mother’s Day for a Kidstown Child

As the warmth of spring washes over Romania, the month of March brought a unique holiday for our children there.

In Romania, Mother’s Day is in March. For most children, this is an exciting day to celebrate their mothers. But for the children who have no mother, or are not close to their mother, it is understandably a difficult day to process.

Vasile, a leader in Romania has a graceful way of explaining what this day is for the kids under his home.


“After the sad and frozen winter, spring comes and under the heat of the sun’s rays, the birds start to sing songs full of life and love. The snowdrops blossomed, bringing joy and hope, being a relief for the saddened, a delight for the teary eyes and a comfort for a broken heart.

We are still struggling with this pandemic and the children are looking forward to the days when they will play and be able to go to school without restrictions. Currently some children go to school and others learn online.

Being the month of March, the children are preparing to celebrate Mother’s Day and like every year they repeat the lyrics of the song: “If I could gather star by star, to make a bouquet for my mother, to hug her tight I’d like to. Happy birthday mommy, it’s your birthday!” For the children in our house, their mother is somewhere far away and yet so close in a corner of their heart and in the dreams that caress their sleep. As usual, they will offer flowers and hugs to those who take care of them and for a while they are mothers for them.

God is the father of the orphan and takes care of them through your heart full of love and compassion. And that is why we thank you and pray to the Lord to reward you, and bring blessings for you and your families. May He take care of you and help you get through these difficult times.




It is apparent that a holiday like Mother’s Day is not a simple one for our children. But that does not keep them from finding their own way to celebrate it. We are immensely grateful for every leader who has stepped into the role of ‘Mother’ for these kids who so desperately needed one. Because of their sacrifice and love, this can still be a joyful day for these kids.


So please join us as we say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ to every unconventional, yet vital mother, either within this organization, or not!

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