Kidstown International

Stepping Closer

If every child was born into a family that was stable and whole, we would not know the word orphan.

If every family was able to have a sufficient income and to foster healthy relationships, their children would be safe.

If every culture had no judgment, no prejudice, no hate, no dishonesty, there would be no need for children’s homes.

If these things were, then we would not be.

But as evil and darkness continue to stream through the streets of Romania, Nepal, and India, households are filled with brokenness.

Children are left in the streets, and sickness debilitates parents. Abuse is not even hidden, and actions reveal just how twisted some people are.

And because of this, people like Stephenson and his wife have responded to the brokenness around them by starting a home that would provide a safe and healthy place for these children to live.

Many of the children that live in their home have come from the slums of India. They had no protection and no hope. These leaders had eyes to see a child when there was no light in their eyes. And instead of walking away, they stepped closer. They refused to let that child be left to the tragedy and the heartache around them. When everyone else had refused to lend a helping hand, these leaders bent down and offered an embrace of love and acceptance.

If you are not willing to walk by the injustice of an abandoned and helpless child, you have an opportunity to help today!

There are SEVEN children at Stephenson’s home that do not have a sponsor. I don’t know what you have heard about sponsorship, but over here, we know that it works. It gives you the chance to partner with a home that is actively improving the life of a child. You get to join those leaders in offering an embrace. When you sponsor, you can look into the eyes of your child, and remind them that they are loved, and they are worthy. Their future does not have to hold the pain of their past.

If you don’t want to walk past these children, below you will find the stories of those seven children, and an opportunity to sponsor them.

Deepika Birthday: March 2006


Deepika’s situation was becoming worse as her family was going days on end without any food. Living in a slum with a poor substitute for a home, Deepika’s father began drinking. He soon could not even work, leaving his family with no help. Soon after Deepika began begging on the streets, both of her parents died of tuberculosis. Deepika was taken in by relatives, but she was forced to work as a maid in other’s houses. She saw the other children going to school and dreamed of doing the same. Seeing her situation, Deepika was brought in to one of our homes. She was so excited to go to school for the first time ever! The home is dedicated to giving her proper love and care.


Sabina Birthday: August 2012


It was a tragic beginning for Sabina. With many nights in tears with lack of food, she grew up in the slums of India. Her father was a drunk, and her mother died soon after giving birth to Sabina. After Sabina’s father abandoned her, she went to her grand father. As he was elderly, he could not take care of her. In a desperate state, he asked one of our  homes if they would take her in. Once the leaders saw her condition, they welcomed her in and gave her the life she deserved. She is going to school for the first time and is very happy with her new family.


Chris Toppo Birthday: Feb 2012


After Chris’s mother died after child birth, his father became very depressed and began drinking. He eventually left Chris with his grandparents. As his grandparents were very old, they were not earning much to care for Chris. As a young boy, he had yet to experience true happiness as he had lost so much and was in an unhealthy situation. When Chris began seeing other kids go to school, he wanted to go with them, but his grandparents could barely feed him, much less send him to school. There was nothing for them to do, so he was brought to one of our homes. He was welcomed in, and is now receiving the proper care and love that he has always needed, and is going to school!


Vikram Soren Birthday: Jan 2008


Vikram’s father moved the family to find work, but because he could not find anything, he became depressed. Vikram did not have a good place to sleep, was not getting enough food, and had no good clothes. Vikram’s father began to drink, and Vikram started begging on the streets. There was no care for the young boy, and he was beyond the thoughts of his father. Because of the concern for Vikram’s well being, one of our leaders decided to bring him in to their home. They are providing him with the proper care and food that he needs. He is going to school and will now have a brighter future.


Nikhil Kumar Gupta Birthday: Nov 2006


With a mother burdened by a chronic illness and a father who is a drunkard, Nikhil’s chance of a quality life was even further lessened by the slum living situation and his lack of food. There was no initiative from his father to take care of the family or get treatment for his wife. Nikhil often talked of going to school to his mother, but she could not muster enough money. Nikhil took to wandering the streets and getting into trouble. He was losing the innocence that a young boy should have. As his mother worsened, she worried about Nikhil’s life is she were to die, with a negligent father. She was told about one of our homes and was encouraged to bring Nikhil to the home. He was brought in with gladness and is now going to school and being cared for properly.


Lucky Ekka Birthday: May 2006


Due to physical problems, Lucky’s father is unable to work. The family lives in a slum with little food or cover. Work is uncertain every day. There is no option for Lucky to go to school, and he is often left alone. He would beg in the markets with his friends. His parents were worried about how he would grow up and the things he may be tempted to do on the streets. So they met with the leaders of our home since they could not protect or care for Lucky. He was accepted into the home so that he could go to school and be brought up to know Jesus and good behavior.


Lovely Ekka Birthday Oct 2000


Although Lovely’s parents tried hard to work, they were often not receiving their due wages, and Lovely was going hungry. It was very difficult for the family. They could not supply the food and clothes that were needed. They were forced to find work in a bigger city, but they had to move into a slum. In his new job as a construction worker, Lovely’s father suffered from a dangerous work accident. Although he survived, he was a broken man and could no longer work. Lovely had to begin working, but it was not a safe or secure situation for a young girl. Lovely very much wanted to go to school, but it was out of the question in her situation. When the family met the home leaders, they decided it would be the best thing for her to live there. Lovely says “In my home I did not laugh, I was never happy, but here I am happy that I am free to laugh and go to school. I thank my Jesus for loving me.” She is also going to school.


And if you are not ready to sponsor a child today, but you still want to lend a helping hand, you can still donate toward this home. Just click here and you will be taken to our donate page.

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!