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An Unconventional Mother and Father

In a communist era, where the name of God was forbidden, what would happen to a young boy who had no hope outside of his faith?

Vasile remembers when he was only a few years old, watching his mother’s coffin be carried by cows to the cemetery in their local Romanian village.

“I remember tears as rivers on my cheeks and how much I missed my mother’s hugs and love.”

The loss of his mother made him an orphan, and so he was taken into a local family who said they could care for him. This was not the case though, and after a few unsettling years with this family, they took him to a state run orphanage.

There were 1200 other children in this one orphanage. During this time, the country of Romania was under communist rule, and the Christian faith was not allowed. But for Vasile, he had no other choice than to run to God.

“Every Sunday, three of us found a way to run to church. It was three villages away, but we walked the whole way. Every time we came back from church, we got punished. My comfort was a little New Testament which I kept very well hidden, otherwise the care takers would have taken it from me.”

Despite the persecution and struggles, Vasile was still able to complete his education and move out of the orphanage. He got married and they were blessed with three children. His wife also grew up in a different orphanage.

Just over twenty-two years ago now, Vasile’s pastor came to him and his wife, asking if they would be interested in overseeing a new orphanage. He didn’t know either of their backgrounds, but it was clear that God was bringing them into a new season. They accepted the role and began to welcome young orphans from their area.

“We understand these kids so well, coming from a similar experience, and we give them all of our love. They call us mother and father.”

Through the course of these past twenty-two years, they have seen many children come and go, and it has brought them enormous joy to watch the children flourish. And for the kids that aren’t able to find their happiness here, each one is faithfully prayed over.

Vasile shares that one of the young boys who grew up in his home has since moved to Ukraine to become a missionary with his wife who is from that area. They stay in touch over frequent phone calls, and Vasile is so happy to see this young man pursuing his passion of serving.

Vasile and his wife are able to provide for all of the needs and support that their children have been lacking, but even more, they provide them with the way to an everlasting help and love from Jesus. These leaders have been faithfully serving the children of their community with the parental hugs and love that they themselves lacked as children.

Vasile wanted to tell you that “you helped these kids to smile, to have a good life, and to be happy. You are serving Jesus through these kids, and He will bless you.”

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