Kidstown International

At the Right Time

“When there are so many people suffering in India, the Lord has been protecting and providing for us. We are very grateful for the relief fund that came at the right time. Though the monthly support is enough to meet our daily needs and sometimes more, we were struggling to provide for the extra needs that arose because of the situation. Because of the ever-increasing price of commodities, we were not able to buy better clothing, sanitary items, vitamins, etc. Children were overjoyed and thankful to God as they were able to buy some of their personal needs like new clothes, sports items, books, etc. School admissions will begin very soon and we are thankful that the relief fund will be able to pay for the fees.”

Covid relief

The funds being raised to cover the ever increasing covid costs is already being put to great use. There is a spirit of hopelessness that is spreading throughout India and Nepal. But with the help of our supporters, our homes are being protected from the dire situation that their nation is in. It may be difficult to know how to help, or if any help given is worth it, but we want you to know that the donations being sent for our covid-19 relief program are directly impacting and improving the lives of these children. They are receiving the help that they need to get through this. We can’t predict what the future will hold, but we do know that they are being given the best chance to succeed because of the compassion and generosity of our donors.

There is still ample opportunity to help with the covid-19 relief program. Our initial goal was to raise $50,000. We are still on our way to this goal, so if you would like to donate towards this fund you can click the donate button below.

The funds that are being sent to our children’s homes are being used to buy necessary items such as medicine, technology for school, and food. Many leaders were growing worried about how they would be able to keep up with the rise of costs, the difficulties of accessing supplies, and keeping their kids educated despite the lockdowns. But with this fund, their anxiety is eased. For many, it is an answer to prayer.

We are constantly amazed at the hard work of our leaders, and the ways in which they will go leaps and bounds to protect and serve their children. So if we are able to help them do this in any way, it is an easy decision. Please consider being a part of this relief mission! You can read more about our Covid-19 Relief Program here.

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!