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Record Category 4 Cyclone in India

This week the West Bengal region of India was hit by a record breaking category 4 cyclone. The devastating winds and rain cause severe flooding and damage. The storm hit at a difficult time, as coronavirus infections continue to rise in India.

Our Regional Program Administrator in that area, Asit Samuel, sent and updates and photo from the city of Kolkata. He said “the unprecedented category 4 cyclone has flattened and inundated vast swaths…trees uprooted, embankments smashed…homes flattened, crops ruined, people killed…It will take three or four days before the full scale devastation comes home to us.”

Fortunately, our children’s homes in that area are all doing okay. Our homes three hours to the west of Kolkata reported no damage. Our home in Kolkata reported some trees down, but no major damage, and all the children are safe. Please keep our homes, home leaders, and children in this area in your prayers, as the region begins the long and difficult process of recovering from this natural disaster.

You can read more updates about the cyclone here: The Indian Express Article

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