Kidstown International

Nelson’s Story of Hope

(An excerpt from our latest newsletter)

When Nelson was just a young boy, he lost his parents to alcoholism and poverty. He never had enough food or clothes, and he never went to school. A dedicated man of God in India had opened an orphanage nearby and welcomed young Nelson in. Nelson says, “Though I lost my parents, the Lord took care of me through his faithful servant. The atmosphere was warm, loving, and Christ oriented.”

The love and support he got from his home is what made him who he is today. Now, when he sees a child without parents, proper clothes, education, and despised by society, he “can feel their pain and understand their situation.” That is why Nelson has spent his adult life serving abandoned children. He is currently involved with several Kidstown homes, working hard to help these hurting children.

Nelson still remembers the moment he invited Jesus into his heart as a boy. “The feeling that I experienced at that time feels like it was just yesterday. My wish and prayer is that many more people would experience the same.” This transformation has allowed Nelson to pour himself into the Lord’s work. India is currently facing a lot of opposition against Christians, including Christian children’s homes. According to Nelson, it is becoming increasingly hard to run a Christian home due to false accusations, imprisonments, and deportations. As things get worse for them, Nelson and the rest of our home leaders continue to work hard to heed their government’s rules while creating a safe home for their children. “My hope and prayer is that the Lord would continue providing for our needs in the homes and that our children would become an instrument in the expansion of His kingdom.” –Nelson.

It is because of our leaders, like Nelson, that there is hope for hurting children. Because they see the need and do not back away from the call to help, every child under their care now has the chance of healing and transformation. We are extremely grateful for our leaders!

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!