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Meet Katalin from Romania

Katalin is known by Katika by everyone in her life. She is an only child and was found in the woods with her mother and uncle. They were both mentally handicapped and working as farmers. Katika was not receiving any schooling, and she was brought to the children’s home without much information.

She is now in her 7th year at school. She is said to have an outstanding performance in school. She continues to achieve the highest marks and hopes to always continue with that. She understands how important it is to do well in school. She hopes for a successful future, and she is doing everything in her power to get there. At only fifteen, there is a lot of wisdom found in her.

Katika enjoys being on her own, but she never misses an opportunity to help others at the home. She effortlessly takes on a maternal role with the younger children by taking care of them and helping them become the best that they can be.

In some Romanian churches, they confirm their congregation. Katika took confirmation classes to understand what this means for her and the importance. She loved going to these classes, and her joy on her confirmation day was very clear. She gave her testimony in front of the church with confidence, and her faith was so strong to see.
Katika has come from a very humble and difficult situation, but she has not allowed that to keep her down. She is striving for a better future, and because of her strength and resilience, there is no doubt she will find success. Katika has found a hope that she can rely on, and the Lord will bless her abundantly.

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