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Meet Kimali from India

Kimali is a story of restoration and hope. She has been living at a home we support in India for some time now. She was originally brought to the home by her grandfather when she was four years old, along with her two and a half year old brother. Kimali’s father had died when she was even younger. This tragic event had a serious effect on her mother who began to suffer a tremendous amount of PTSD. She was in no condition to care for her children, which is why her father brought Kimali and her brother to the home, desperate for help since he was also in no condition to be there for the children.

The leaders at the home were more than willing to take the children and also moved to bring treatment and help to the mother. Shortly after this, news was received that Kimali’s grandfather had died, and only a few years later, her mother’s health seriously declined, leading to her death.

There is no telling what Kimali went through emotionally through these events, but she has risen from this damaged past with grace and strength. She was given a safe place to develop and grow into a woman full of dreams and hope. She plays a huge part in her community, and she soared through school with a plan to become a doctor. She desires to serve those that are least served saying,
“Lord has always been merciful to me.I believe that life is an opportunity to serve the commons and poor”
“I do always pray and desire to serve people as a medical doctor as it gives me great opportunity to share the goodness of service and love with gospel.”
“Thank you for the prayers and support which helped me till now in a great extent. I sincerely thank you for praying for my future.”

Kimali has been deeply affected by the Gospel and by the hand of God in her life. The story of Kimali’s life is a testimony to so many others to the power of love and redemption. We are so thankful and humble to be a part of her life, and we are thankful to all of our sponsors who make it possible to see this kind of story.

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!