Kidstown International

Meet Hoipineo from India

Hoipineo arrived at her orphanage in 2012. Her mother had heard about the home and decided it was the best option. Her mother had been seriously struggling to take care of her 4 children. Back in 2008, when Hoipineo was 4 years old, their father lost his life to stomach cancer. Everyone in the family had tried very hard to heal him by selling all of their belongings, but in the end, they lost the battle. Her mother tried to sell second hand clothes, but their situation was looking hopeless.

Once Hoipineo was sent to the home, she began to find happiness and to feel good. She says that she found peace. She is very interested in learning about God and His salvation, and she finds joy in serving Him. She is in high school now and is thankful for how God has loved and taken care of her.

She asks that we pray for her future. She hopes for a better future, but knows she has a ways to go. We are so thankful that we can walk beside Hoipineo, and not only pray for her future, but be a part of making it possible.

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!