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Meet Bishnu from Nepal

In 2015, Nepal was victim to many floods and landslides, including in the village where Bishnu lived with his family. A child Kidstown International supports in Nepal. Here is his message:

“My name is Bishnu. I am now 14 years old. I came from a small village in Nepal. My village is in remote area it takes one day to reach the nearest city. There is no facility of transportation, electricity and the condition of village is very poor. My family condition was poor and we had financial crisis. My mother had remarried after my father’s death. Then in my family we became stepfather, my mother, elder sister, younger brother and sister and I. In 2015 there was heavy flood and landslide in my village. All of my family members died in the flood; except my elder sister and I. We were saved by staying on the tree for more than 8 hours. Then we lost everything. There was nobody to care and support us. One of my village’s neighbors brought me in the orphanage home here in Nepal. Thank God, I am happy to be in the orphanage home. Now, I am getting good care, education and moral discipline here. Sometimes I think that if I would not be in the home I could not get love, care and education but now I come to know that God’s love, care and protections in my life and now I am not feeling loneliness in my life. Recently I have completed seven class. Now I am preparing for eight class. My future aim is to be in the army. Please pray for my study and future life.”

It is because of people like you that Bishnu and other similar children are able to have love and support in their lives, so thank you!

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