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Laurentiu B

Lives in Romania
Birthday: 2008

At the tender age of four, Laurentiu was put through an extreme family tragedy. His father murdered his wife and was put in prison. Laurentiu and his siblings were separated into various orphanages. After a number of years, the orphanage Laurentiu was living in closed, and so he was connected to one of our homes where he now lives. He stays in contact with his siblings, but he has a serious health challenge. He cannot grow properly, and he suffers from the trauma of his early childhood. The home has provided counseling and physical therapy. He is going to school, and is finding his place in his new home. He is being met with tender love and care which will help him to heal and succeed in life. He is surrounded by love.


Lives in India
Birthday: September 2006

Ritesh was in a state of trauma after his mother passed away and his whole life changed. He was close to his mother, and the affects of this loss were very apparent on his demeanor. He was brought into a children’s home, and they became very invested in loving and supporting Ritesh. They helped him find his passion in drawing, and through much effort, Ritesh has transformed. He now has an abundance of joy and love for the others in his home. He is driven to become better in his art, and he does his best in school. Ritesh is dealing with some health affects from HIV, but he is receiving the help he needs.


Lives in India
Birthday: September 2002

Pranesh is from a very large family. Sadly, they are also a very poor family and have barely anything to give for Pranesh. There was a lot of concern for the survival of Pranesh, so he was accepted into our Grace Home. He is now able to go to school and get the necessary care that he was lacking. Pranesh will be able to learn about Jesus and pursue his dream of becoming a pastor.

Robert B

Lives in Romania
Birthday: December 2007

Robert is currently attending school and has a community of leaders, teachers, and friends that surround him and support him. But this was not always the case for Robert. After his mother abandoned the family, he was left under the negligent and poor care of his father. As the situation worsened, Romania Child Protection Services got involved and brought the children to one of our supported homes. His past was tragic, and his heart needed much healing, but he is now on the path to recovery and is doing much better. He has improved with the love of those around him, and will continue to grow!


Lives in India
Birthday: September 2003

Rekha’s father died of tuberculosis, and her mother has no work and lives in a remote forest village. Although she has finished class 10, her mother can no longer have her educated as she is unable to find work. It can be very dangerous for young girls to be alone and out of school in such a remote village. Things were not looking good for Rekha, so out of fear, her mother requested the help of our home to bring her into a safe situation. The home received Rekha in, and she is grateful that her future was not ruined. She is a smart and joyful person and would like to serve the Lord after her studies.

Vikram S

Lives in India
Birthday: January 2008

Vikram’s father moved the family to find work, but because he could not find anything, he became depressed. Vikram did not have a good place sleep, was not getting enough food, and had no good clothes. Vikram’s father began to drink, and Vikram began begging on the streets. There was no care for the young boy, and his father had no thoughts for him. Because of the concern for Vikram’s well being, one of our homes decided to bring him in to their home. They are providing him with the proper care and food that he needs. He is going to school and will now have a brighter future.


Lives in India
Birthday: March 2005

Suman cannot even remember her father’s early death. Although he never cared for his family, Suman’s mother was left to work for what little money she could earn. It was not enough to provide the necessary food and care for Suman. Living in the slum, Suman lost a sister due to starvation. Suman was left during the day to roam the streets and was an open victim. Soon after Suman’s mother attempted suicide due to their hopeless situation, she came to know the leaders of one of our homes. This was the best situation for Suman to survive. She is going to school and is learning about Jesus. She is receiving the proper care and help that she needs to be healthy and successful.


Lives in India
Birthday: October 2008

After Nishant and his family were chased out of the slums in Delhi and forced to live in a new slum, Nishant became very ill. His family tried all they could, but eventually they had to bring him to a local church for prayers. Because Nishant began to heal after the prayers, his parents believed in Jesus. The family was still very poor. Nishant was not getting enough food or safe shelter. He really wanted to go to school, but there was no way for him. When the home leaders met him, they saw this desire and were able to bring him into their home where he is getting enough food, care, and is enrolled in school. He has a chance to survive with the full support of the home.


Lives in India
Birthday: November 2006

With a mother burdened by a chronic illness and a father who is a drunkard, Nikhil’s chance of a quality life was even further lessened by the slum living situation and his lack of food. There was no initiative from his father to take care of the family or get treatment for his wife. Nikhil often talked of going to school to his mother, but she could not muster enough money. Nikhil took to wandering the streets and getting into trouble. He was losing the innocence that a young boy should have. As his mother worsened, she worried about Nikhil’s life is she were to die, with a negligent father. She was told about one of our homes and was encouraged to bring Nikhil to the home. He was brought in with gladness and is now going to school and being cared for properly.


Lives in India
Birthday: May 2006

Due to physical problems, Lucky’s father is unable to work. The family lives in a slum with little food or cover. Work is uncertain every day. There is no option for Lucky to go to school, and he is often left alone. He would beg in the markets with his friends. His parents were worried about how he would grow up and the things he may be tempted to do on the streets. So they met with the leaders of our home since they could not protect or care for Lucky. He was accepted into the home so that he could go to school and be brought up to know Jesus and good behavior.


Lives in India
Birthday: October 2000

Although Lovely’s parents tried hard to work, they were often not receiving their due wages, and Lovely was going hungry. It was very difficult for the family. They could not supply the food and clothes that were needed. They were forced to find work in a bigger city, but they had to move into a slum. In his new job as a construction worker, Lovely’s father suffered from a dangerous work accident. Although he survived, he was a broken man and could no longer work. Lovely had to begin working, but it was not a safe or secure situation for a young girl. Lovely very much wanted to go to school, but it was out of the question in her situation. When the family met the home leaders, they decided it would be the best thing for her to live there. Lovely says “In my home I did not laugh, I was never happy, but here I am happy that I am free to laugh and go to school. I thank my Jesus for loving me.” She is also going to school.


Lives in India
Birthday: March 2012

Joakim has grown up in the slums of India. He has never had a good place to sleep, enough food to eat, or good clothes to wear. His father was not able to provide for his family, and under increased pressure, he began to drink. No one was bringing any food to the children, so they began to beg on the streets. Joakim’s father had no interest in his family, so he took Joakim to the children’s home. Their heart was opened to him, and they brought him in. Joakim is now not only receiving proper care and nutrition, but also love and acceptance. He is enrolled in school and is learning more about Jesus!


Lives in India
Birthday: November 2010

Essak comes from a very poor family who lived in the slums. His father would spend all the money he would make on alcohol, leaving his family hungry. Essak would have to watch his mother get beaten and go days without food. After much suffering, Essak’s mother died with no care. The new woman that his father married was abusive physically and emotionally to Essak. She eventually kicked the young boy out of the home. He went to live with his grandparents, but as they were very old, he was still not getting proper care. Because there would be no where for Essak to go once his grandparents pass away, they brought him to our home. Essak is excited to go to school and have a brighter future.


Lives in India
Birthday: March 2006

Deepika’s situation was becoming worse as her family was going days on end without any food. Living in a slum with a poor substitute for a home, Deepika’s father began drinking. He soon could not even work, leaving his family with no help. Soon after Deepika began begging on the streets, both of her parents died of tuberculosis. Deepika was taken in by relatives, but she was forced to work as a maid in other’s houses. She saw the other children going to school and dreamed of doing the same. Seeing her situation, Deepika was brought in to one of our homes. She was so excited to go to school for the first time ever! The home is dedicated to giving her proper love and care.

Chris T

Lives in India
Birthday: February 2012

After Chris’s mother died after child birth, his father became very depressed and began drinking. He eventually left Chris with his grandparents. As his grandparents were very old, they were not earning much to care for Chris. As a young boy, he had yet to experience true happiness as he had lost so much and was in an unhealthy situation. When Chris began seeing other kids go to school, he wanted to go with them, but his grandparents could barely feed him, much less send him to school. There was nothing for them to do, so he was brought to one of our homes. He was welcomed in, and is now receiving the proper care and love that he has always needed, and is going to school!


Lives in India
Birthday: June 2006

Philp’s mother died from Malaria and his father died in an accident. He was living with his grandfather, but he was able to come to the Canaan Children home. He is a healthy young boy and likes to play soccer. He is able to learn about Jesus and receive the care and support that he needs to thrive. All of his needs are met at the home.


Lives in India
Birthday: February 2006

Living in a hut with no reliable income, Binanda’s parents were living in a very poor situation. For Binanda to be able to go to school and have the chance for a successful future, he needed a better place to live. In this situation, he came to one of our homes. He has been able to go to school, and is growing up to be healthy and capable. Binanda likes to play volleyball and enjoys going to church. He spends a lot of time studying his Bible and loves to worship Jesus.


Lives in Romania
Birthday: July 2000

Jozsef and five of his siblings came to live in their Romanian home in March of 2008. They were taken from their family due to the family’s   dysfunction and poverty. The children were uneducated, neglected, and underfed. The youngest, who is 3 years old, only weighed about 20 pounds. The oldest child, who was supposed to be in the third grade couldn’t read or write. At the beginning they could not even say thanks or hello. Their behavior changed significantly since they have been at the orphanage and they are integrating better with the other children.


Lives in India
Birthday: June 2007

Nabin is from the Santali tribe, a very poor and discriminated-against Hindu tribe in the area. His family is very poor with his father trying to find work day by day. Because Nabin’s parents are not able to provide the proper care for their son, it was arranged for him to come and live our children’s home. Here he receives love, shelter, good food, an education, and hears the Gospel. Nabin is currently in school.


Lives in India
Birthday: November 2013

Subodip’s mother had to live in a different house so that she could find work after her husband abandoned them. Subodip was not living in a home or receiving any learning. It was because of this that he has come to live at one of our homes so that he may live in a safe and comfortable home, go to school, and be surrounded by people who will love him and give him what he needs. He will grow to be healthy and learn many things.


Lives in India
Birthday: September 2010

When Paran’s father abandoned the family, Paran was left under the care of his mother. She could not make ends meet, and was not able to support Paran and his survival. Because of this, he was brought to our home where he is now studying in school and learning about Jesus. We are hopeful for his future and for the growth that will happen in him. Paran is a special young man, and we are thankful that he is in a safe and loving environment.


Lives in India
Birthday: July 2010

Struggling with addictions, Manoj’s father is not able to hold a job and provide for his family. Manoj’s mother does her best to work, but because they are in a poor area, she does not make enough money for Manoj’s proper care. He was brought to our home, and he is now able to go to school and learn about Jesus for the first time. We are thankful that Manoj can be loved and supported, and we hope to see him grow and become a healthy young man.


Lives in Nepal
Birthday: 2000

At 20 years old, Manish is currently spending his time being a big brother at the home he lives at. He is an amazing musician and is interested in learning vocals as well. He has been teaching other kids to play different instruments and helps out around the house. His father is an alcoholic who does not work to support the family, and his mother is not able to make enough money either. So Manish is living at the home to be supported and encouraged in a loving household.

Monika S

Lives in India
Birthday: 2004

Monika is a strong young woman that has seen too much tragedy already. Her parents separated after her mother was diagnosed with HIV. Although her mother was admitted to a hospital, she was eventually put on hospice and soon died under the weight of the disease. Monika’s father also died around the same time leaving her alone with her younger brother. She takes care of her brother, but by being at the home she is able to be taken care of by the leaders and she is able to go to school. She is learning how to find happiness and is receiving the support and consistency she was denied of for so long. Monika is studying hard to learn a new language.


Lives in India
Birthday: April 2004

With an unemployed father, Peninah was living a very poverty stricken and unstable life. Because there was little hope for her, she moved into one of our homes. Now that she has been living there, she is learning to be loved and cared for properly. She is learning about Jesus and is studying well in school. She currently hopes to become a teacher one day! Peninah enjoys playing soccer, and she is finding joy in her life at the home.


Lives in
Birthday: September 2005

Sourav was brought to one of our homes by his elderly grandmother. She was given care of him after both of his parents abandoned him. He grew up in a small village that had heard very little of Jesus. After seeing every one in his family leave him, Sourav was introduced to a God that would never leave him, and a family that would stand by him through the test of time. He is now going to school and is learning to be successful and to live with hope and joy. We are thankful that he was brought to our home to find the healing that he needed.


Lives in India
Birthday: June 2005

After Rohim’s father died, his mother began working as hard as she could. It was very difficult for her to find any work, and because they lived in an impoverished area, Rohim was not receiving the care and support that he needed. It was arranged for him to live at one of our homes so that he would receive love, care, and to be able to go to school. He is learning about Jesus and is growing into a responsible and caring young man.


Lives in India
Birthday: November 2004

Harish’s parents were scraping the dust to be able to make money for their son. His father suffered from an ongoing illness, and although his mother did her best, their was little hope for their son. So, he was brought to our home so that he would find the care that he needed to be healthy. He is going to school and is learning about Jesus. Harish is now in a supportive and safe environment that he can grow securely in.


Lives in India
Birthday: June 2003

Siddi’s life was completely changed when her father was killed in a road accident. This tragedy left her mother shattered and unresponsive. Siddi was left with the responsibility of the household, but being only a young girl, she received no education and was not being cared for. After living in an unstable and challenging hostel for a short time, she requested to live at a safer and nurturing home. She was able to be connected and welcomed into our home where she is now living. Siddi will be able to pursue her dreams and grow in all of her strengths. She is a special young girl with many possibilities.


Lives in India
Birthday: July 2009

Amidst a complicated and tragic family situation, Jagadeesh was lost of the care he needed. After his father died, his mother remarried. Her new husband had no interest in taking care of Jagadeesh. Due to a poor financial state, and no support within the home, Jagadeesh was brought to one of our homes. He is now getting the education he needed and the love and support of a family who cares about him. Jagadeesh is in a safe and healthy environment now.


Lives in India
Birthday: October 2008

Vahneichong is a bright young girl, but she has seen tragedy and pain fill her life. Her father was murdered during a militant and ethnic disagreement. Her mother was left without any income or way to educate her children. She was not able to support or pay for any of Vahneichong’s needs. When she heard about one of our supported homes, she requested that Vahneichong be accepted into the home. She is now living in one of our homes, and is on track to go to school and have a future of healing and hope.


Lives in India
Birthday: July 2013

Muanthianlal comes from a large family. They had a small income, and lived in a small village. His father was a farmer, and one day, while cultivating his crops, he got caught in rapid waters on his way down the river. The water was too strong for him, and he lost his life. He left his family with broken hearts and no one to provide. Muanthinalal’s mother struggled to find enough work. She was not able to provide good food, clothes, shelter, or education for her children. She contacted one of our supported homes about taking Muanthianlal in, as she could not care for him properly. He is now a part of our home, and is finding joy in their care.


Lives in India
Birthday: July 2012

To grow up with no place to call home, and parents who have a very small income, there were many challenges for Rabin. Knowing how vital it is for Rabin to go to school and have a home to live in, his parents brought him to live at one of our supported homes. He will be able to receive an education, and have a home to call his own. He is able to learn about Jesus for the first time and be surrounded by people who will love and support him. He is going to be able to hope and dream for his future.


Lives in Nepal
Birthday: 6

Born in a very remote village in Nepal, Ashish began his life surrounded by challenges. But when his father died, the pain only grew, and his mother was lost in the struggle. She could not take care of her children, so she confronted one of our homes to take Ashish. They decided to take Ashish in, and he has become so happy to be in the home. They will be able to send him to school, and he is receiving the sufficient care that he needed. His mother is thankful that he can be in a safe and healthy environment now.


Lives in Romania
Birthday: August 2003

After Nimrod’s father died, his mother did her best to support her son for the next couple of years, but she continued to digress, and was desperate for her son to have a better chance at life. She was worried about his emotional and physical health as she could not provide for his needs. One of our homes in Romania was available to accept Nimrod into their home. Nimrod’s mother was thankful that he could receive education and learn about Jesus. Nimrod is in a safe environment and will be well taken care of.


Lives in India
Birthday: November 1999

Priyanka’s parents both died of tuberculosis.  She and her sister lived for a while with their aunt, however it was not possible to continue living there because the aunt could not afford to care for her two nieces plus her own three children.  In addition, they lived in a slum area that has a high concentration of toxic waste.  So, the aunt requested  that her nieces be admitted to the Karuna Children Home, a Christian  orphanage dedicated to bringing help, hope, and the Gospel to slum-dwelling kids.  Here the girls  receive love, care, stability, an education, and they hear about Jesus.


Lives in Romania
Birthday: 2000

Cristian is 18 years old. He has had a troubled past. He came from a home with severe poverty. He came to the home after being arrested for theft and being placed in child protective services. The services brought him to the home because they knew it was a good place for him to recover from his rough past. He has not had any problems at the home and is trying very hard at becoming a healthy young man. He loves attending school and being social with the other children in the home.


Lives in India
Birthday: September 2002

Lipa has both parents, but due to extreme poverty they are unable to properly care for him. Therefore, it was arranged for him to come and live in the local home. Here he will receive love, care, stability, his needs will be met, he will receive an education, and he will hear the Gospel. He is in school and loves learning!