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Lives in India

Maitri was discovered at a local hospital and her story broke the hearts of the Snehakunja Home leaders. After her birth, Maitri’s mother was unsafe towards her daughter. We learned that she had once been married, but after giving birth to multiple daughters, she was kicked out and forced into a dangerous …

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Lives in India

Priya was born into a stormy situation surrounding her health and her parents. Both of her parents were crippled with health problems, and her mother is now disturbed with mental illnesses. Soon after birth, Priya’s mother refused to care for her daughter. Worried about the survival of the young child, the Snehakunja …

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Lives in Nepal

Jina has lacked many vital needs in her life. Her family owns no land and has no home. Jina would often go without a meal, and sometimes this would last 3 to 4 days. She is excited to now live in one of our supported homes. She will be well cared for …

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Lives in India

Kaikasa was facing social abuse and neglect within her family. Kaikasa has been diagnosed with HIV and her family has neglected her due to this illness. Moments after Kaikasa was born, her mother lost her life to the HIV virus. Her father remarried, and she was not accepted into this new family. …

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Lives in India

There were some serious concerns for Sima’s survival when she was brought to our home. She has been battling the HIV virus with little money, and little help. Her father, who also suffers from the disease, was not able to pick up the necessary medicine on a regular basis. Living in a …

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Lives in India

Sajid has been struggling through the effects of the HIV virus. He continues to fall seriously ill, and his mother has lost all hope. After her husband died from the same disease, she and Sajid were both diagnosed with HIV. Living in a remote village with little work opportunities, options became even …

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Lives in Nepal

It was a long and painful   journey that brought Saroj to one of our supported homes. He had been picked up by the police after wandering alone in the village. He had caught a bus from the village he previously lived in where he was abandoned by his mother. She left him …

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Tek Bahadur

Lives in Nepal

For Tek, his life has been a journey of struggle and pain. In a very poverty stricken area, he had very little chance of a healthy childhood. Both his mother, and his father are disabled. There are no resources for them, and they were not able to provide any money for food, …

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Lives in Nepal

As an abandoned and lonely child, it was a joyful experience for her to be brought into one of our supported children’s homes. Radhika had lost her father some time ago, and her mother married another man, leaving Radhika all alone. She is now in a place where she is seen and …

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Lives in Nepal

Lovestar has come from a very poor area, and a large family. His father recently passed away, and due to their family situation and their poverty, the best decision for Lovestar and his family was for him to be brought to live at one of our supported homes. He will be able …

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Lives in Romania

A young boy, growing up all alone and forgotten, Sebastian has a broken past. With two parents that were never emotionally present, he had to watch them both succumb to the tragedies of alcoholism. His home life was extremely unstable and was not a safe place for a small boy to grow …

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Lives in Romania

Coming to our supported home, there was little to no information on Radu. The leaders were able to understand that he had been living with his mother, but her boyfriend was abusive against Radu, beating him often. In this state of neglect and abuse, Radu came to our home and was welcomed …

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Lives in Romania

Without even a chance for a real family, Zsolt was abandoned by his mother in the hospital after his birth. Zsolt was placed in a number of foster care homes, but none of them were stable enough to keep him in their lives for long. After being placed in various families, Zsolt …

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Lives in India

For Mohini, her young heart was filled with pain and tragedy after her father died. Her mother was already struggling for her daughter to be taken care of, and the weight of being the only provider was too much. She was unable to come up with the resources for Mohini to go …

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Lives in India

Life was filled with difficulties for Yabez who grew up in a very poor and destitute village. But the pain only grew when his mother passed away from a serious illness. His father was unable to work enough to provide for Yabez. He was not going to be able to go to …

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Anjuni (Glory

Lives in India

There was a time in Anjuni’s life when she was safe in her family. But it took one day for her world to crash around her. Coming home from work one day, Anjuni’s father began to fall ill very quickly. He was taken to the hospital, but by then, there was nothing …

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Lives in India

Growing up in a culturally degraded family, deep in poverty, there was little hope for Dhanapati’s survival. His parents could not earn the necessary money needed to provide for their son. They had nothing to give him, and the world around him was rejecting him. Coming to our supported home was the …

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Lives in India

Vahneichong is a bright young girl, but she has seen tragedy and pain fill her life. Her father was murdered during a militant and ethnic disagreement. Her mother was left without any income or way to educate her children. She was not able to support or pay for any of Vahneichong’s needs. …

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Lives in India

During an encounter between Indian Army and an extremist group, Seigoumang’s father who was a farmer in the area, was shot and killed. Seigoumang’s family was devastated over this loss. His mother was unable to provide for her children. Seigoumang was no longer able to go to school, and there was little …

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Lives in India

Muanthianlal comes from a large family. They had a small income, and lived in a small village. His father was a farmer, and one day, while cultivating his crops, he got caught in rapid waters on his way down the river. The water was too strong for him, and he lost his …

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Lives in India

Paungailian has witnessed much pain in his young life. His father passed away from a stroke, and his mother abandoned him to relatives after her husband’s death. Paungailian was tossed from family to family, no one willing to care for him or love him. When they heard about one of our supported …

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Lives in Romania

His parents used to work at a small business where they were given a room for the family to live in.  However, when the business closed, the family also had to leave.  Having nowhere to go, his father left the family. His mother could not care for her sons, so she asked …

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Lives in India

Dipika was brought to one of our supported homes by her father. Living a careless life with no thought to the well-being of their child, Dipika’s parents were both alcoholics and were living in a very poor tribal community. Dipika now has the chance to be a child and feel safe and …

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Lives in India

Kuheli is a beloved young girl who had a great need for a family to look after her and care for her needs. Her mother was left to fend for herself when her husband re-married and never looked back at his family. Kuheli’s mother tried to work, but it was never going …

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Lives in India

Aksa has been taken care of by a local pastor in India for the past few years. She has been abandoned by her father who re-married after his wife passed away. Aksa was unwanted in this new family, which is why the pastor has been caring for her. He took her to …

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Lives in India

As Sneha has grown up, she has watched everyone slowly abandoned her. Her father left when she was just a child, and after her mother was left by another man, she also left Sneha to relatives that were only willing to look after her for a short time. Left with no one …

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Lives in India

When she was only a small child, Anjali witnessed her father abandoning his family. Her mother had no where to go, and so she left Anjali with her grandmother. Years later now, her grandmother is too old to care for Anjali, and so she brought her to one of our children’s homes …

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Lives in India

With no information on his parents, Sahil and his sister were living under the care of their aunt for many years. That is until their aunt got married and moved away, leaving the children with no one to care for them. This is when Sahil and his sister were brought to one …

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Lives in India

Ravali’s dad is a daily wage laborer and as such earned little to support his family of five. During a hot spell in the summer of 2012 his wife developed viral fever, which then turned out to be a mixture of typhoid and malaria. She soon died. The dad remarried another woman, …

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Lives in India

Nuthaki’s father was an alcoholic and HIV patient. His lungs and liver were completely destroyed. His death was evident. Mother is a daily wage worker who did not earn much. When Nuthaki came into Sarah Home, she was shocked and scared, unable to trust anyone. Nuthaki was unwanted in her family, as …

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Lives in India

With the mother out of the picture, Kachangthai has been growing up with many needs. Living in poverty, surrounded by hardships, he was in the midst of a sea of pain. His father died, and he was taken to the care of his grandmother. Being very old, she could not provide much …

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Lives in India

Chunriangliu has been brought to our supported home with the hope of her receiving a better future. She comes from a broken and challenging past. With a family that struggled with poverty, she was already missing important aspects in her life. When her father was murdered at work, what small life she …

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Lives in India

Chunloungam was being brought up by his grandmother before he was brought to our home. His mother had left the family, and his father passed away. They were living in sever poverty, and as she was very old, Chunloungam’s grandmother was not able to provide for him. He has been brought to …

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Lives in Romania

Covaci is a beloved and smart young boy. He is doing very well since being brought to one of our homes by social services. His mother was living in poverty and could not take care of her children any more. Covaci’s father abandoned the family, and has had nothing to do with …

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Lives in India

To grow up with no place to call home, and parents who have a very small income, there were many challenges for Rabin. Knowing how vital it is for Rabin to go to school and have a home to live in, his parents brought him to live at one of our supported …

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Lives in India

Disorder and dysfunction filled the home that Subha grew up in. With alcohol constantly being consumed, his parents were in no condition to care for Subha. Every day, they were fighting, creating a highly stressful and unhealthy environment for Subha to live in. He has been brought to one of our supported …

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Lives in India

Shiba has spent his life so far living in a situation of struggles and challenges. With no faith, his parents have failed to find success and security. Growing up with little to no provision, Shiba has seen a very difficult side to life. This young child was in need of a family …

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Lives in Nepal

Born in a very remote village in Nepal, Ashish began his life surrounded by challenges. But when his father died, the pain only grew, and his mother was lost in the struggle. She could not take care of her children, so she confronted one of our homes to take Ashish. They decided …

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Lives in Nepal

When Sahara was only four years old, her father went missing. Already struggling with finances, her mother began to work very hard. She was receiving little to no income, which meant that Sahara was not going to school and could barely eat. She was unable to care for Sahara, so she asked …

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Lives in India

Deva comes from a broken home. His mother tries to find work, but it was never regular or steady, and when she brought any money home, her husband would take it from her to buy alcohol. He would also steal from the villagers to fuel his drinking addiction. Deva was not being …

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Lives in India

When Akash was brought to our home, he had not eaten for three days and was starving. His mother was not able to provide food, education, or a stable home for him after his father died. She was not able to look after her son while trying to work. The home brought …

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Lives in Nepal

Gaurab has been raised by his single mother almost his entire life. When Gaurab was only one month old, his father disappeared with no explanation. He is a bright young boy, but it was important for him to be in a home that could provide education and support for his physical, mental, …

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Lives in Nepal

When Krishna was just a young baby, her father passed away. After 5 years, Krishna’s mother abandoned her daughter to be with another man. This left Krishna under the sparse care of a brother who spent all of his time working. Krishna was so young to endure so much pain, but she …

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Lives in Nepal

Meena has survived great tragedy and pain. As a young child she grew up in a very poor family. With many mouths to feed, and a small income, it was a challenging time. Meena has now watched both of her parents pass away in the same year due to serious health issues. …

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Lives in Romania

Szabolcs needed a safe place to live where he would be looked after and given basic care and education. His mother could not support him after her husband died a number of years earlier. She wanted him to have a better chance at life and to go to school. In our home, …

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Lives in Romania

After Nimrod’s father died, his mother did her best to support her son for the next couple of years, but she continued to digress, and was desperate for her son to have a better chance at life. She was worried about his emotional and physical health as she could not provide for …

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Lives in India

Sanjok was raised in a broken family. His father sold everything that they had so that he could by alcohol. Eventually, he passed away and left his family with no home and no money. Sanjok’s mother is too ill to work, and so the local church was doing what they could to …

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Lives in India

For a young child, Mandira was not able to receive the level of care she needed from her family. Her mother lives in a mental health home, struggling as a patient. Mandira’s father is a missionary and does not make very much money. In order to receive the care that she needs, …

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Lives in India

Prajwal had no one to provide for him. Both of his parents remarried and left without looking back. Prajwal went under the care of his grandma. Being very old and often very sick, she could not earn much money. She tried her best to work, but it was not enough to provide …

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Lives in India

Rohit’s parents are dedicated to sharing the Gospel. They are in full time ministry and are often gone to remote places where people have never heard the name of Jesus. Because they are not able to care for their son at this time, Rohit lives at one of our supported children’s homes. …

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Lives in India

Strong despite her past, Saina is a story of hope and restoration. She grew up in a very remote village in Nepal. Her father left when she was only a baby, and her mother moved to south India to find work. She never contacted Saina once she left. Saina’s siblings have also …

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Lives in India

Nayan was abandoned by both of his parents and left to wander the streets alone. In the midst of political disruption, his mother remarried, only to have her husband leave days later. Eventually, she also left to be with another man. Nayan lost everyone who was supposed to care for him. He …

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Lives in India

Priyanka’s parents both died of tuberculosis.  She and her sister lived for a while with their aunt, however it was not possible to continue living there because the aunt could not afford to care for her two nieces plus her own three children.  In addition, they lived in a slum area that …

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Lives in India

Brought straight from the slums, Milcah has been introduced to a completely new world. Her parents were too sick to find work or even have a home. Milcah was being neglected and uneducated. It was in this state that her parents brought her to live in our home. It will take some …

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Lives in India

Vikram found himself alone in this world, lost for any care from his family. His father tried to provide for him after Vikram’s mother died, but no matter what he did, it was never enough. He was never able to look after Vikram or feed him. Vikram was in a difficult place …

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Lives in Romania

At age 16, Sorin became the first person to stand up for his sister and change the course of their lives. At a young age his mother moved to Italy for work, but she died to cancer shortly after. Living in a poverty stricken small village, he never went to school, and …

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Lives in India

Jansah’s father was a good man, involved in the church and working hard for his family. He was killed in a hunting accident, and his wife could not care for her children. She was desperate for our children’s home to take Jansah under their care. She wasnted Jansah to be able to …

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Lives in India

Josna’s father left her mother before she was born. Nothing is known about him today. Josna’s mother works as a house maid, but earns very little to be able to properly provide for her daughter. Now that Josna lives at the children’s home, she is able to receive necessary care and education. …

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Lives in India

Dishant is from a poor area of Nepal where his parents preach. They were not able to care for him, and so Dishant came to live at our home in India. He has been able to go to school and learn about who he is. He enjoys    geography and reading books. He …

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Lives in India

Aswathy came to the home because of lack of care and support. Her mother died when she was 9 months old, and although for a time she was raised by her grandmother, she is now being taken care of by the home leaders. Aswathy is the best student in her class at …

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Lives in India

Axa is a talkative, friendly, and sincere young girl. Her father was an alcoholic and abandoned the family. Axa is now in school and is very competitive. She always wants to be first, but she is also famous for her special smile. Axa is always found to be happy and eager to …

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Lives in India

Roshni comes from a home that had no faith and no love. Her father was an alcoholic and her parents abandoned her. Now that Roshni is living at the children’s home she is receiving the love and support that she never had before. She does well in her studies and is great …

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Lives in India

Linju has been through a lot of struggles and tragedy. Her father is an alcoholic and was not a safe man to live around. Her childhood was bitter, and her mother always hoped that he would change. Recently, Linju’s mother decided to leave. She found a family to stay with and requested …

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Lives in Romania

Izabella’s mother was not able to provide income or education for her daughter. Izabella was doing well in school until her mother made some rash career choices that caused Izabella’s schooling to go under the water. Izabella was held back, and her mother had no stability. At the home, Izabella is able …

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Lives in Romania

For a few years Kati’s family lived on the streets. Her parents tried to support the family on a small amount of income derived from odd-jobs. However, they found that they simply could not manage. So, the mom came to the home, requesting that Katalin be allowed to live there. When Katalin …

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Lives in Nepal

Shristika is 22 years old. She was born into a Hindu family.  When her mother was pregnant with her, her father died. When she was 7 years old, her mother got remarried. She used to live with her grandparents and her uncle. When she accepted Christ, her family kicked her out of …

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Lives in Nepal

Bibek is 23 years old. He has no father and his mother did not take care of him properly due to poverty. Because of the poverty, he was unable to complete his studies. He was born into a Hindu family. He moved to the home to continue his study as a Christian.  …

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Ana-Maria K

Lives in Romania

Ana-Maria has four brothers and sisters. Her mother raised all five children by herself, but having no constant wage it has become impossible to take care of them all, so she is sending three of her five children to the local home to take care of them. Ana-Maria is now able to …

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Lives in Romania

Cristian is 18 years old. He has had a troubled past. He came from a home with severe poverty. He came to the home after being arrested for theft and being placed in child protective services. The services brought him to the home because they knew it was a good place for …

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Lives in India

Lipa has both parents, but due to extreme poverty they are unable to properly care for him. Therefore, it was arranged for him to come and live in the local home. Here he will receive love, care, stability, his needs will be met, he will receive an education, and he will hear …

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Lives in India

Simran and her brother come from a very broken family. Their dad is an alcoholic and would often beat his wife and kids. Once his wife suffered a severe head injury due to one such beating. Subsequently she lost her mental equilibrium and was admitted to a mental asylum. The dad dropped …

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Lives in Romania

Manuel is the middle child of 3 brothers. His parents used to work at a small business where they were given a room for the family to live in. However, when the business closed, the family also had to leave. They had nowhere to go. Manuel’s father left his mother and the …

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Lives in India

V. Pandian’s father died and his mother is working as a laborer. She is very poor and cannot adequately care for Pandian. Due to this poverty, it was arranged for him to come and live in the Joy’s Children Home. Here Pandian receives love and care, his needs are met, he receives …

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