Kidstown International

December 2016 Executive Director Update

So much has happened over the last few months in the KidstownInternational world, that I thought it might be time for a quick update and to look to the future with needs.

First of all, I wanted to say thank you for all of you that helped with our “#GivingTuesday” and our “Christmas Gift for Every Child” campaigns. We are now able to make sure that every child within our Kidstown supported homes has a gift and Christmas celebration! The children feel so blessed because of this.

In October, a team went to Romania and visited three Kidstown supported Homes while spending time with some amazing Kids. They had the opportunity to get to know the children, where they live, and also see the challenging situations where many of them came from. Our group was blessed with taking one group of kids to a castle, a park and ending the day at McDonald’s. For these children a visit to McDonald’s happens maybe once every two years unlike many children here in America. Thank you for all of your support with sponsorship of these children!

There are two groups traveling to India and Nepal next week and we ask for prayers! Please pray for protection during their travels and for clarity in seeing the vision of Kidstown, rescuing children from poverty, abandonment and being orphaned. Seeing these homes and the children first hand, changes one’s perspective of the world and what is truly important. These two weeks will change lives for both the children and our teams.

Much is happening overseas in India and Nepal that continue to make life difficult for many children as the need to rescue them grows daily. The governments in India and Nepal persecute many of our homes with regulations not required of other homes in the region. In India specifically, religions other than Hindi are not given equal opportunity and simple things like banking and getting food supplies are made difficult. Please pray for safety, as one of our homes must pack up and move from their home to avoid insurgents who have kidnapped the home leaders on multiple occasions and demanded ransom be paid for their return. They will relocate to a safer region at much cost and sadness in leaving friend. Safety is first and moving cannot be avoided. The sad thing is that these things happen often and we are powerless to help, but by prayer, so please help in lifting up these homes.

We are working hard to catch up with a back log of new children needing sponsorship. As we celebrate the Birth of Christ, this is also a time to think of giving. Our goal is to have every child sponsored in our Kidstownsupported homes and you can help by sharing the story of Kidstown with just one other person this holiday season. At Christmas dinner or with family visiting in the next few weeks. Just share the story of a rescued child you sponsor and God will do the rest as their hearts are touched. We are advocates for these kids. Join with me in stepping out as child advocates in saving lives in 2017.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!