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Update from Romanian Home Leader

Before the world came to a stop, one of our home leaders in Romania recounts the earlier months.

She talks about how the month of December was filled with church events and a school break. They were blessed by the community, and were grateful to spend the holidays together, looking at the past year with thankfulness to God for his help.

They began school again, and everyone was doing well, passing their exams. A local stepped up to celebrate one of the kid’s birthdays by taking everyone in the home out for dinner and cake. She was an enormous blessing, warming the heart of the leader by her care of the young children.

In February, the school honored a number of the older children with a ceremony. It was a beautiful and touching event that moved all who attended. Shortly after, the leaders of the home were able to take the children on a trip to Hungary where they explored the old buildings and churches. This was a wonderful gift for the children to be able to experience culture and time spent with each other.

But, as March came along, it brought the pain of a hurting world right to their doorstep. Here is what she shares about the turning of the month.

“The long awaited spring came in March, and we just heard about the virus in China, not suspecting anything. Since March 13th our children stay at home, the schools are closed, even the streets are silent. We had to make some strict provisions, in order to not spread the virus, even if we are at the beginning of it. No one can come to visit us, and the kids are not allowed to step outside either. Nobody can walk on the streets, except the people going to work, or dealing with absolute necessary business. I made a change in the houseparants’ working hours. They have to work more, but they are coming into work less times a week, so this way the chance of bringing the virus inside our home was reduced. We, adults, are looking forward for the next weeks and months with concern, because the worst part of the pandemic, the one with the most people getting infected, is about to come, and our healthcare system is in a very bad condition, we are running low on equipment, too. We are worrying, but we believe that God will take care of us and save us with his grace. On the other side, we must learn from this, because till now everyone has been occupied with work, getting money, and solving everyday assesments, and we didn’t have time for our families and maintaining our relationships. This pandemic forces us to sit down, think about life, closes us with our family, and makes us to reevaluate the value of loving each other and praying, and also to take time for what really matters. Now every children and youngster wants to go to school, they are having a hard time dealing with the closeness, but they are trying keep up with the lessons the teachers sent them.”

Everyone is safe and well cared for in the home. We are encouraged by their hope and vision.

It is because of the donors that support this home that they are able to confidently continue caring for their children. Without this home, the children could be in any kind of dangerous and unhealthy situation. We are thankful for the protection that the Lord has shown them, and will continue to give to them.

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!