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Plane in India Split in Two after Tragic Crash

What do you do when your community faces attacks on multiple sides, leaving families and individuals reeling from tragedy and hardship?

One of our beloved homes for girls in India is located in an area that is experiencing some very difficult things right now. They were hit hard by the virus. Their hospitals were full of patients, causing staff to be exhausted. But as the seasons have changed, they are now experiencing continuous heavy rain.

Thousands of people are being affected as the dams are all opening up, causing flooding all over the land. This flooding has led to very dangerous landslides. More than 80 people were buried alive as mud covers their homes. Landslides and flooding continue throughout the land, and rescue operations remain busy.

Unfortunately, this heavy rain has also seriously affected roads, including runways at the local airport. For the first time at this airport, a plane skidded off the runway in a landing gone wrong. In their second attempt to land due to the rain, they crashed down the hill. The plane was split in two, and many lost their lives. The rest are all in hospitals. This tragedy has broken the hearts of the locals.

But for every broken moment, our home has remained safe. Although they feel the pain of their city and their community, they trust in God. And even during this time, they have been able to stand with their girls as some have gotten married, and others have been accepted to University.

We are so thankful for the leaders of this home and the hope that they hold on to. They are the only family for many of their children, and as a believing family, they stand apart from most of their neighbors. There is a lot of love and compassion in this home, and we are excited to continue watching them raise their girls to live in victory and transformation!

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