Kidstown International

MUST READ-Letter From the Executive Director


Dear Kidstown Friends,

The year of 2020 has certainly been a year of new challenges and change for all of us!

This is also true for the Kidstown children you so generously support. They are experiencing the same challenges presented by Covid-19 that we all are. However, in most locations, these challenges have been amplified by the poverty that already exists there. Costs have risen due to shortages basic needs like food & hygiene are increasingly hard to meet. As we attempt to provide for these needs, we need your help now more than ever and today we have Matching Gifts to double your impact.
I know that many of you have also been challenged by the loss of a job, a decrease in income, or are working from home, while others have weathered the storm with very little change, in either case, we are all navigating a new-normal, as are the children in our Kidstown children’s homes. Because these children need our help, I am asking you to consider what you can do to bring about real change in the lives of our kids. Thankfully, while our future may seem uncertain, we know who holds the future and our confidence is in Him.
As an organization that depends on donations from faithful givers like yourself, this year of financial crisis has left us with the largest income deficit in our 25-year history. Even so, we are confident in the plans we have set in place and we are committed to helping even more children in 2021 – AND we are also working to grow our Education program to provide the best future we can for all of our Kidstown children. More than ever, we are determined to make certain that our Kidstown children are secure in the knowledge that their needs will be met.
Which brings me to an amazing opportunity we’ve all been given to maximize our funding. Because of generous donations to our Matching Gift Fund, once again, we are able to make it possible for you to DOUBLE your impact when you give today. All gifts given to this fund, to a total of $20,000, will be doubled. That means your gift of $50 becomes $100, $500 becomes $1000, and a gift of $1000 will become $2000! This is a great way for you to help even more children as you plan your year-end giving!
With these additional funds, you will be helping hurting and hungry children in Nepal, India and Romania get the resources they need during this difficult time. You will be providing a loving and Godly home environment, nutritious food, an education, and medical and emotional support – all things vital to re-writing their stories.
In this crazy year of uncertainty, your gift will help TWICE as many children live with the confidence and certainty that they will be provided for! That is HUGE for a child who has lost everything. Your life-changing matching gift today will help to break the cycle of poverty and give our Kidstown Children a bright future, filled with hope and expectation – YOU WILL make a difference in a child’s life!
Thank you for joining with us and generously supporting our vision and our children! We are all in this together!

And please note that this does not relate to your normal sponsorship giving. This is only for donations given towards our matching fund, not our sponsorship fund.

Chuck Valley
President/Executive Director



P.S. Please note December 31st is the last day for gifts to be matched! Please visit our website donation page or send your check to our office. 119 North Commercial St. STE 165 Bellingham, WA 98225

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!