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Monsoons in Nepal as the Country begins Reopening

One thousand people displaced.

Rising number of deaths and missing persons.

Monsoon season has destroyed roads, homes, and communities. Rescue operations struggle to meet the need. Local school buildings and community centers have been turned into shelters for those who have been affected by flooding and landslides.

With the loss of family members and land, people are living in the worst of conditions. All of our children homes are safe from the monsoon rain and floods. All of the children are doing well and are healthy!

This natural disaster comes just as the country of Nepal begins to reopen. Travel between local places has slowly restarted, and businesses are cautiously opening, usually with 50% capacity. This has brought relief to many who were devastated by the closing of their businesses. It is very common to own or work some sort of business that provides for your needs for that same day. With little to no savings, it was a destructive moment to stop business in the midst of the shutdown. But the light for these struggling families and individuals is slowly returning.


We have also heard from some of our homes in Nepal that they were able to deliver groceries to some of their community. Although the need is great, even just helping in these little ways is important.

One change that has proven to be fruitful is the move of local church to zoom calls. All of the churches are taking care of their congregation by using different forms of online contact, giving them spiritual food. Home churches are developing and equipping all believers to become stronger. We are hearing of salvations and children building their personal relationships with Jesus. Again, in the midst of so much tragedy, God is on the move and is using this time for His good!

It can be discouraging to hear about the rising prices of essential products, the challenges of doing school online, the lack of support from country leaders, and the natural disasters, but our homes in Nepal remind us to keep our eyes on God. They have many prayer requests and increasing needs, but they are continuously thankful for the support they receive from their sponsors, and for the prayers you lift up for them. As things begin to reopen, they will face a lot of challenges. Continue to stay in touch for more updates and ways you can help!

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!