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Distress in Nepal

Below is an update that was sent from a Kidstown leader in Nepal.

Greetings from Nepal,

At the time of writing this note, Nepal is badly hit by this pandemic, and Kathmandu is earning the reputation of second to worst hit city in Nepal. There are new case alerts in all of Nepal. Now, the total number of COVID-19 confirmed cases in Nepal has reached a high number. Fortunately, recovered cases stand high as well.

School education is in a mess all over Nepal.  It is likely that rural people and students might be flocking to urban areas for job opportunities, especially those who have some money to spare to travel and search for new opportunities.  We are hearing more news of suicide now than before. Alarming rise in violent sexual assaults on women.

Due to heavy  monsoon rain, especially this year, many hundreds of village houses have been washed away. Landslides and floods seemed more ferocious than before. Government is at a loss to know how to help the displaced, hungry, homeless, thousands of people.

Lack of a regular transport system continues affecting many people.

The market price is increasing and people are rapidly losing their jobs. We see the ‘to let’ signs in so many places that were either rented houses or shops before. Government offices are physically closed down and are encouraged to operate online. There are a lot of limitations in online systems.

Students are taking online platforms for their classes mainly in cities like Kathmandu, Biratnagar etc.,  Some of the schools are making it compulsory for their students to use the devices which are challenging to manage where parents have financial limitations to connect to wifi systems or to be able to buy laptops. It is unclear at this point when the school and colleges will open and function normally. Many schools and colleges have started doing online classes from the primary grade to college level education. But we are not certain if all students are able to use that facility.

The government has decided  to give approval to conduct some important examinations postponed due to pandemic by adopting health safety standards. We are not sure if that is a show or real, many students are displaced from their residence or hostels and may not be able to find it easy to sit in classes or important examinations. There is a general system failure in all aspects of our daily, normal life of pre pandemic times. Nepal’s greatest threat comes from alarming, scary cases of Covid 19 in our southern neighbor India.



It isn’t easy to hear the challenges that this nation is going through. Nepal is an amazing country that is filled with such incredible and strong people, and to hear how they are suffering can be distressing. Comfort can be found in knowing that they are not left alone. Support continues from across the world, spreading hope and encouragement. This is not the end, and you can be a part of helping them rise from this darkness! If you would like to help leaders like Naresh in Nepal, please donate through the link below!


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