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Cultural Tech Gap

Guest Writer Chuck Valley, Executive Director of Kidstown International

This week we highlight the thoughts of our Executive Director, Chuck Valley. He dwells upon the difference between how we in the states are experiencing the challenges of Covid compared to the children in our supported countries.

“As we in the Northwestern US begin to experience some cooler mornings and fog, it signals the beginning of school and the time for local fairs. Not this year, though, as things are quite different in 2020. Most student are beginning online schools, and the only fair activity, is the chance to drive through the Washington State Fair in Puyallup and buy Scones, Krusty Pups and a variety of fair food from your car. It’s a different world, but let’s come with perspective as we look at many of our Kidstown supported children’s homes in India and Nepal.

Online school in Nepal and India looks quite different than here in the US. Although maybe 10% of families in the US do not have the adequate capacity for their kids to go online, those in India and Nepal face a much greater challenge. The majority of children are experiencing school on a small smart phone device and do not have access to a computer. In many locations the internet speed is advertised at 1.5 mbps, as we complain when we are less than 20 mbps. We have a true cultural tech gap on our hands.

Lockdown in India and Nepal means you cannot leave your home over fear of arrest and being put in quarantine. India is heading towards having the largest number of deaths and Covid cases in the world as they try to figure out how to manage a population that survives on people selling their goods on the street corner. I only share this so we can understand that the international community in these third world countries continue to struggle to figure out what to do amidst dire consequences.

Not all is despair. As our homes leaders work to keep children focused on learning and keeping life as normal as possible, many of our Kidstown homes work to serve the community around them and lift those in need by sharing what they have. It lifts my faith in humanity when I see a home of 20 children from desperate backgrounds in south India, now feeding others caught in the monsoon floods of this summer. God has a plan for these children and He is growing their character during these times of challenge.”

-Chuck Valley
Executive Director of Kidstown International

Thank you Chuck for sharing your thoughts on the current situation. Although we are all experiencing different challenges, we are all able to come together under the same belief that there is hope in God. And as we move forward from this truth, our work with these beautiful children becomes all the more powerful!

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