Kidstown International

Romania Update


“Dear Sponsors,

Spring has come to Romania! With the coming of Spring we see the grass coming up, the leaving coming

out, the flowers blooming, and we are reminded of how God makes all things new. We serve a great,

loving God who takes what is old and broken and makes it new again. When we accept His love, He

makes our hearts new, He washes away our sin and guilt. We also look forward to the day when He will

make the Earth and our bodies new again. I hope you are reminded of this when you see the spring

flowers coming up. Our hope is that the hearts of the kids in Romania are made new through Christ.

Would you join us in prayer for them?

In March we were blessed to be able to purchase a 9-passanger Volkswagen van that is much newer and

more reliable than our old microbus. Our director drove to Germany to purchase it because vehicles

there are less expensive and less worn. When transporting the children recently, there has always been

the stress of not knowing if the microbus would break down. It will be such a blessing to have a reliable

van. In addition to the 9-passenger van, we have a minivan, a station wagon, and a 6-passenger truck,

which combined are enough to transport all 22 children.


Many of the children have been involved in the church orchestra, learning a variety of instruments. This

past month they were invited to two other churches to perform their songs that they have learned. It

was a great experience for the kids to share the fruits of their hard work and dedication. It has also

been an encouragement to the church here in our village to see the involvement of the kids in the


Please be in prayer that the children would finish out the school year strong. Typically, when they

return to school after a break, it takes them a long time to get back into a groove of being motivated and

getting their work done. It’s a significant step backwards every time they have a holiday break. They

will be returning from spring break shortly and the lack of motivation will be compounded by the

anticipation for summer break. We are blessed now to have a tutor that is coming nearly every day to

work with them and even a few times during spring break, so join us in prayer that we can quickly jump

back in to getting their school work done.

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. We are continually blessed by you. We

pray that God would bless you greatly for your investment in His children.


In Christ,

The Casa Dorca Staff”