Kidstown International


Child sponsorship is an effective way to reach out and help kids which have suffered a lot in their young lives. It’s an opportunity to extend practical help, friendships, love, and the Gospel to needy kids. 

Your involvement as a sponsor has the potential of shifting the course of a young person’s life who lives in a Kidstown-supported orphanage.

You may sponsor for as short or as long as you like. You may also sponsor more than one child, or if you want, you can sponsor a partial or complete orphanage! Individuals, couples, families, churches, schools, and businesses are all welcome to become child sponsors.

Our sponsorship gifts are pooled together to provide for and empower all the children at each Kidstown supported home.

Below are three of the core facets to child sponsorship:

1. Finances: we ask for $38 a month per child. We will send 92% of this ($35) to the orphanage at the beginning of each month. We ask that sponsors be faithful in their giving, as the orphanage will rely heavily on these donations to provide for the needs of your sponsored child as well as the needs of the other kids at the home. Donations can be sent to Kidstown’s office by check, or via credit or debit card charge.

2. Friendships: we encourage sponsors to befriend their child via letters, cards, and small gifts. These small tokens of love can mean the world to your sponsored child. Items can be sent to Kidstown’s office, and will be forwarded on to the appropriate orphanage.

3. Prayer: we encourage sponsors to pray for their sponsored child, for the orphanage leaders, and for occasional special needs that arise from time to time.