Kidstown International


Romania, located in eastern Europe, was formerly a communist state led by a brutal dictator: Nicolae Ceausescu. In an effort to boost the population, “Romania’s Stalin” banned contraception and required women to bear at least five children.

With shortages of food and fuel, destitute parents began abandoning their “extra” children to homelessness or state-run institutions where children were neglected. In 1989, a nine day revolution removed Ceausescu from power, abruptly ending 45 years of communism.


In 1989 there were up to 250,000 children living in government institutions, with more on the streets and in private orphanages. While basic conditions have improved thanks to support from western organizations, thousands of children still live in government institutions, or on the street.

Kidstown partnered with its first orphanage in Romania in 1996, and today supports 10 homes in the country. There are still many children affected by Romania’s turbulent past, but Kidstown is helping provide a future of hope for these children.